Incident Contacts System

The incident contacts system stores and manages contact details of people the Control Room need to contact during an incident. Each department should have at least two contacts on their list. The Head of Department and nominee set up and manage the list of who should be called in the event of an incident affecting the department.

Accessing the Incident Contacts System

The Incident Contacts System is available in MUSE in the Staff Applications tab. You can also access it directly using the link below:

Direct access to Incident Contacts System

Secret Question

When you first log in you will be asked to provide a secret question and answer. This will allow you access to the offsite copy if the primary database is unavailable. You should bookmark the link to the offsite version now so you can access it in case of any problems. Choose an appropriate question and answer.  

Using the Incident Contacts System

Information for general staff

Information for Heads of Departments and their nominees

Information for Control Room staff