Information for Control Room Staff 

In the event of an incident the Incident Contacts system will give you the most up-to-date contact details available for contacts across the University.

Using the New Incident Contacts system

  1. Log into the system via the link in MUSE or using the link below
    Log into Incident Contacts system
  2. If you are unable to access this system log into the offsite copy using the alternative link below - please bookmark this link now so you have access to it if there is a problem:
    Log into offsite Incident Contacts System
  3. Search for contact details as follows:

Building or Department

If the incident is happening at a specific building or department and you wish to know who to contact:

  1. Click the Search button in the top row
  2. Start typing the name of the department or building into the search field
  3. As you type a list of matches will appear dynamically
  4. Select the department or building from the list
  5. A list of contact details will appear


If you already know who you need to contact:

  1. Click the People button in the top row
  2. Type in their name or email address and click Search
  3. If they are in the system their contact details will appear

Specialist Role

If you need to find someone specifically qualified in an area:

  1. Click the University Lists button in the top row
  2. Scroll down the categories available
  3. Click the appropriate category 
  4. Suitably qualified contacts will be listed

Out of Date Details

If at any time you have reason to believe that incorrect contact details are listed for a specific person, click the button on the right labelled Mark out of date. This will send an email reminder to them with a request to update their details.