Populate your Control Room List

You should define a list of people who may need to be contacted by Control Room staff for an incident affecting your department. Please populate this list with at least two contacts and arrange them in a suitable order, so the Control Room are able to contact appropriate people during an incident. Alternatively you can add a rota so the Control Room will automatically see the appropriate person on call at that time.

Contacts who are new to the Incident Contacts system will receive an automated email invitation when you save this list. However, it may also be helpful for you to personally communicate to them the purpose of the system and their role within it. 

To populate the list:

  1. Look for the blue Control Room Lists panel on the right of the screen, and click the Manage button in the right corner.
  2. You will see the lists you are able to manage. Click the Edit button adjacent to the relevant list.
  3. In the Contacts section your e-mail address will already be entered as Head of Department, but you will need to select any other roles you hold.
  4. Click the Add contact to top/bottom button.
  5. Enter the Sheffield e-mail address of the new contact, and select any roles they hold.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all required contacts have been added.
  7. You can organise the contacts into an order of preference, to be used by Control Room staff if they should need to contact someone from your department, by dragging the Move buttons or by clicking the arrow buttons.
  8. Once the contacts are organised into a suitable order click the Save button.

You must ensure this list is regularly reviewed and contacts are added, removed or reordered as necessary. For example, you may wish to move contacts to the bottom of the list when they are on leave. You should also check that nominees who can manage the lists on your behalf are up to date.

Setting up a rota

If you wish to use a rota, after you have completed the steps above click the Add rota button adjacent to the relevant list. Choose whether the rota changes daily or weekly, and then follow the on-screen instructions to configure this. Once a rota is added, when viewing the list from the dashboard you will see contacts in the relevant order for the current date/time.

Non standard rota (for holidays etc)

If you need to set up a non-standard rota that doesnt follow your usual start/finish times e.g. over Christmas, after following the above:

1. Click on Edit Rotas

2. Near to the bottom of the page, there is an Alternative Rotas section.  Click Add Alternative Rota and complete as required.  This will allow you to specify the contacts to use between precise dates/times and take effect automatically at the appropriate dates/times you have selected and temporarily override the usual rota.

Note if you leave any gaps between the finish time of one alternative rota and the start time of the next alternative rota, your usual rota will be used in the intervening period.  Old alternative rotas will be greyed out because they are in the past; they are retained for reference only and can be removed so they dont clutter the screen.