Maintain your Details

Keeping Staff Details Up to Date

In the event of an incident the University needs to be confident that the details stored in the system are up to date. As a result the system sends periodic emails as a reminder to check and if necessary update details.

  1. Receive reminder and log in
  2. Look for the My Numbers panel on the left of the screen, and click the Edit button in the right corner
  3. Check your details and make any corrections needed
  4. Click the Save button (even if you have not made changes) to confirm that you have reviewed your details

If a member of staff hasn't logged in after a series of reminders the Head of Department will be contacted and asked to ensure that staff member updates their details.

There is a “Warning - Action Required” box on the dashboard that will display in red when you log in if any information is missing and needs updating.

Keeping Building Details Up to Date

Also in the event of an incident we need to be confident that the incident contacts system contains up to date information regarding buildings and rooms.

The system relies on data from Estates and Facilities Management (EFM). It is vital that you provide regular reports to EFM of changes to space usage/ownership to ensure accuracy of data in the system.