Manage Incident Documentation

The incident contacts system has the functionality to store documents that you may need access to during an incident e.g. business continuity plan. Documents can only be uploaded in PDF format. They can be shared with individuals and defined groups within and outside of your department.

Upload and Label your Document

First ensure your document is in PDF format. To upload:

  1. Scroll down to the Documents panel on the Dashboard and click the Upload link
  2. Provide a title and any additional keywords that will help you or a colleague locate the document during an incident, using the enter button to separate keywords.
  3. Click the Choose file button to select and upload your PDF
  4. If the document requires reviewing you can indicate a specific renewal date or select a 3, 6 or 12 month reminder. When the review is due the head of department and nominee(s), or the department’s document manager(s) if appointed (see below), will be notified by an automated email.

Share the Document

The documents you upload can be viewed by you, your nominee and your document manager if you have appointed one. It is advisable to discuss with any contacts you will be sharing information with in advance to explain what they are being given access to and why.

To share with individuals:

  1. In the Permissions section, click the Add viewer link
  2. In the field type the person's Sheffield e-mail address
  3. To share with others repeat steps 1-2 above

To share with groups:

  1. Click the Group Permissions heading
  2. Click in one of the four boxes to select from a list of all available groups in that category, across the University. You can share with any combination of these and add more than one list from each category:
    • HoDs and Nominees: the smallest group to share with, as the document will only be shared with the Head of Department and any nominees (those who can manage the contact lists on their behalf) for the department
    • All staff in: The widest grouping as this shares with all staff from a department
    • Department Lists: This requires you to be familiar with the correct names of internal lists in departments to share information with.
    • Control Room List: Control Room Lists are likely to include the HoD and several other people who are on the call out for their department.

The system does not email when documents have been shared, to prevent contacts receiving numerous emails about this. Instead a panel is displayed on the dashboard in orange showing “Newly Shared Documents.” The five most recently uploaded documents are also shown in the green Documents panel.


When you have finished uploading and sharing your document click the Save button.

Locate an Uploaded Document

During an incident you can locate a document that you have uploaded or which has been shared with you as follows:

  1. From the Dashboard, scroll down to the Documents panel and click the Search link (or select the Documents tab at the top of the screen)
  2. You will see a list of all documents you have uploaded or which have been shared with you
  3. You can use the search field at the top to search on keywords or the document title

Appoint a Document Manager

You can allow others to manage your incident documents by assigning a document manager. They have access to all documents within the department.

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Manage link in the My Departments panel
  2. Click the Assign new document manager link
  3. Type in the Sheffield e-mail address of your document manager and click the Assign button
  4. These steps can be repeated to assign multiple document managers if desired. You can also remove document managers by clicking the red bin icon at the side of their name.