Getting Started

Provide Your Contact Details

  1. Log into the Incident Contacts system using the link below
  2. The first time you log in you will need to provide a secret question and answer
    • This allows you to access the offsite version of the incident contacts system, if there is a problem with IT services at the University. It is important to click the link to the offsite version, and bookmark this now on any devices you use in case the main link is not available.
  3. Look for the My Details panel on the left of the screen, and click the Edit button in the right corner
  4. Provide your contact details including at least two telephone numbers
  5. Read the acknowledgement message and click the Save button

Your details will be stored securely in the incident contacts system.

Log into Incident Contacts System

Log into Incident Contacts offsite

Assign a Nominee

Each Head of Department needs to assign at least one nominee who can manage the Incident Contacts system on your behalf if you are unavailable. You can assign as many nominees as required.

To assign a nominee:

  1. Look for the My Departments panel on the left of the screen, and click the Manage button in the right corner.
  2. Click the Assign new nominee button adjacent to the department details.
  3. Provide the Sheffield e-mail address of the nominee and click the Assign button.
  4. These steps can be repeated to assign multiple nominees if desired.
  5. You can also remove nominees by clicking the red bin icon at the side of their name.
  6. Nominees will receive an automated email notifying them of their role, however it is advisable that you discuss this with them beforehand.

Assigning a nominee only grants access to manage the system for your department; it does not automatically make the nominee an incident contact which if desired should be done when populating your Control Room list.

It is important to review nominees for your department, especially when staff change roles or leave the University.