Information for General Staff

The policy supporting the use of the Incident Contacts system is available at the link below:

If your Head of Department has added you to a list of incident contacts you will be asked to provide your contact details. You can do this as follows:

Provide your Contact Details

  1. Log into the Incident Contacts system using the link below
  2. The first time you log in you will need to provide a secret question and answer
  3. Look for the My Details panel on the left of the screen, and click the Edit button in the right corner
  4. Provide your contact details including at least two telephone numbers
  5. Read the acknowledgement message and click the Save button

Note for Departmental Lists you are added to, you will  be asked to consent to your information being shared with the other people on the list.  If you do not consent, only your name and office telephone number will be displayed.

Your details will be stored securely in the incident contacts system.

Log into Incident Contacts System

Log into Incident Contacts offsite

Keeping your Details up to Date

In the event of an incident we need to be confident that the details stored in the system are up to date. As a result the system will send periodic emails to contacts asking them to check and if necessary update their details. When you receive this reminder please log in and check your details.

If a member of staff hasn't logged in after a series of reminders their Head of Department will be notified so they can review this.

Keeping your Lists up to Date

The dashboard shows the contact lists you are included on and the roles you hold on these lists. If any lists or roles are incorrect or missing please contact your Head of Department or their nominee.

Searching Departmental Lists

To locate a member of your department with key skills:

  1. Return to the Dashboard ( click the link in the top-row)
  2. In the Department Lists panel, click the Search button
  3. Type in a keyword and click search
  4. You will see the contact details of matching staff members.