Business Continuity Representatives

There are representatives from around the University that support business continuity arrangements at the University.  Members of the Business Continuity Operational Group should be the first point of contact for your department/faculty for any related questions or for further information.  If your department is not a member of the Operational Group, you can direct any queries to one of the University's Business Continuity Managers:

Department / Faculty


Accommodation and Commercial Services Jayne Conboye
Corporate Communications Stephen Thompson
Corporate Information and Computing Services Mark Franklin
Estates and Facilities Management Chris Garlick and Richard Yates
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Nicola Talbot
Faculty of Engineering Natalie Cardwell
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Kevin Corke
Faculty of Science John Beresford
Faculty of Social Science Mark Wainwright
Health and Safety Dionne Edwards
Human Resources (Chair) Ian Wright
Academic and Learning Services Andrea Bath
Library Rebecca Burrell
Student Services Audrey Leadley
Students' Union Lucy Pritchard
University Business Continuity Managers Derek McKim and Jennie Christmas