Self Service Laptop Loans

There are 48 laptops available for loan in the self service area on the ground floor of the IC (and the self-service area on level 4 of The Diamond). The laptops are available 24 hours a day for use in the building on a first come first serve basis, no need to book in advance. They are easy to collect and drop off. 

Laptop Cabinets

Issuing a laptop

To take out a laptop, approach the screen shown above and touch 'Laptop Loans' on the menu. Choosing the 'low level laptop loan' option will mean that only a laptop in slots 7 and 8 of each column will be chosen for you. These are more easily accessible slots. Power adapters are available from boxes to the left of the cabinets in the IC. In the Diamond the adaptors are inside the cabinet with the laptops.

The laptop will be issued to your library account and will count towards your 25 item loan limit, so make sure you have space on your account.

Returning a Laptop

Laptops can be used for up to 24 hours without having to be returned. As with books, there are no fines for late returns, but your library account will be frozen and if you fail to return the laptop within 4 weeks you will be charged a replacement fee of £700. You must remember to plug the charging cable back in to the laptop when you return it. If you don't, the laptop will stay on your account.

Only 1 laptop can be issued per user and they must remain in the building.