Information Commons - Code of Conduct

The Information Commons is a learning space with facilities and services from the University Library and Corporate Information and Computing Services (CICS). Library and CICS policies and regulations therefore apply to the Information Commons.

In addition, there are some specific rules and policies for the IC

General Conduct

The Information Commons works primarily on the basis of mutual respect and consideration:

  • Be considerate of other people studying here. Your behaviour should never unnecessarily cause interruptions to other people‚Äôs work.
  • All staff in the IC are working to create a better learning environment for all. Please ask them for any information or assistance you might require, and we will help you if we reasonably can.
  • In turn we also ask that you cooperate when a member of staff make a request of you.
  • We understand your need to have access to food and drinks when you study. You can bring cold food, and any drinks that are stored in non-spill containers, into the IC. For practical reasons hot food can be consumed on the ground floor only.
  • We ask you to respect the IC. Make sure you leave it in a clean and usable state for the people that will use it after you. If you find any space that is unclean or in any way faulty, please report it so that we can fix it.
  • Please try not to be away from the study space you are using for more than 45 minutes at a time and ensure you use a Study Break Pass

The Information Commons is a prime resource for members of the university, and has restricted access. You can find more information in the Information Commons Access Policy