Study Spaces in the IC

The Information Commons provides a unique mix of library and computing services, library materials, learning & teaching resources, and flexible study spaces. It is accessible by all students at any time of day or night. The University wireless network is available throughout the building.

Individual Study

There are a variety of places for students to study on their own in the IC.

  • Nearly 500 Desks with managed desktops.
  • Study desks where students can read or plug in a laptop.
  • Soft-seating areas where students may work informally or relax.

Silent Study

  • Silent study reading rooms with no PCs are located on Levels 2 & 5.
  • Silent study space with PCs are available on Levels 3 & 6.


The IC has been designed so that students can work in groups without disturbing others. On Levels 1 - 4 there are a number of large study desks suitable for group work, and students can also book group study rooms or use the Flexispace.

Group study rooms

There are 15 group study rooms on Levels 1 – 6. They accommodate different sizes of group, from small 2-person rooms to large rooms suitable for ten people. Each room has been painted with whiteboard paint that groups can use to plan, make notes, and record ideas.