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Welcome to Internal Communications.

We are here to make sure you know what’s going on across the University by keeping you up to date with University news and events – we want you to hear it from us first. We also want to help you share your own news with colleagues and showcase what you're working on.

It is important to us that everyone knows about the research, expertise and dedication behind the scenes, because it all goes into making this a remarkable place to work.

If you have any news you'd like to share, email us - we'd love to hear from you:

Communication channels

We have a range of ways to communicate need-to-know news and updates, as well as sharing what you send us.

The staff page

Key news and events

We share a mixture of your stories and all the things we hear about from around the University. We keep you in the loop about everything from the latest breakthroughs from our talented researchers to events and activities you can get involved with.

Staff page


Keeping you informed, striking up conversation

We want our Twitter channel to be as much about connecting with you and exchanging ideas as it is about letting you know what's happening. So send us a tweet and let us know what's going on in your section.


myAnnouncements Composer

Due to GDPR regulations, colleagues will need to opt-in to the myAnnounce and Volunteers system.

Under the new regulations, colleagues will continue to receive strategic or critical communications, for example messages from our leadership team, important updates and information on incidents or safety concerns, through the all staff list.

To ensure you still receive information about events, lectures, job vacancies, competitions, promotions and more, you now need to opt in to the Announce list.

Also to continue receiving emails requesting volunteers to support with University research projects (including paid opportunities) and all other volunteering opportunities, you will also need to opt-in to the Volunteers list.

You can opt-in here

Getting your message to the right audience

This is a useful self-service email composer available through Muse. You can use it to submit your email announcements for moderation and distribution via the main staff distribution lists. It can also be used if you want to choose a more targeted bespoke list of recipients.

People use the composer to share news about University events, services, internal courses or opportunities and much more. It is also used to recruit staff volunteers for research you or your students might be undertaking.

Before you submit an email, take a look at our information page

Plasma screens

Plasma screens can be a really effective way to share your news and visual content. Have a look at this google doc for a list of all the plasma screens and the people who manage them. We do our best to maintain up-to-date records but please let us know if you spot anything that needs amending.