Coming to Sheffield could be one of the best decisions you make.

Yiwei Tan, Chinese student
Yiwei Tan, China (PRC)
Undergraduate student
BA International Business Management with Study Abroad
Yiwei Tan is a Chinese student on the BA International Business Management with Study Abroad course at Sheffield.

One of my best friends studied their foundation year at the University of Sheffield International College. He shared his wonderful life in Sheffield with me and it got me thinking that choosing to come to here would be a good idea. 

As an international student, I feel that everyone in Sheffield is approachable and willing to help others. Different cultures from all over the world meet on campus and it’s an environment where I learn something new almost every day.

Travelling alone to a new city for the first time was a challenge for me but when I arrived I felt like I had come to another home! All the people that I met on the train, at my accommodation and on the campus quickly helped me feel settled. One piece of advice that I would give is to ask other people for help if you ever need it. I promise, you will feel welcomed here - and do remember to pass on this warmness to newcomers in the next year; it’s such a lovely thing to do!

The Management School organises a variety of meetings with industry leaders, recruiters from different companies and students who have come back from their year abroad or placement year. Their Opportunities Fair on my first day was a real highlight! These events are great opportunity to get advice, ask about work opportunities and so much more. Networking is one of the best assets for your future study and career.

I am a member of the Ultimate Frisbee and Origin Sheffield Football Team. I also joined the Photography Society and Volunteering Society at the Students' Union. They fill up my free time and bring me lots of joy. I decided to join these societies because I wanted to continue my hobbies and try something new. They organise lots of events throughout the year and you don’t need to be a society member to attend them. It's good to go along and get a feel for what you like and enjoy. 

Coming to Sheffield could be one of the best decisions you make. I’ve found it’s a place that really meets my needs and so much more. Sheffield will be your home and you’ll find that you will want to make the University proud.

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