Eric Waweru

MA In Governance and Public Policy

I hold a BA degree in International Relations from United States International University (USIU) and graduated Eric Waweru class of 2009. I’m a privileged Chevening scholar and holder of a scholarship award from the Chevening secretariat class of 2015/2016. My work experience has been diverse having worked as hotelier, and Foreign Service intern where I learnt to appreciate team work, interpersonal skill, and professional work ethics. Prior to joining University of Sheffield I worked as a Program Officer with an International NGO on democracy and governance where I was responsible of developing young people’s leadership skills within and cross political parties. I’m passionate about youth development and specifically young women and aspire to mentor more towards representative leadership upon my return home. Having come from a humble family of lower middle class background I strongly believe in giving back to my community and I have served as a volunteer social work helping the upkeep of destitute children, as a peer counsellor, and worked within a community led program to clean and rehabilitate our environment.

I chose the University of Sheffield based on the Institutions ranking on the programs they offer, the nature of my course and what I wanted to study, and social life and diversity of students.

The most enjoyable aspect of my studies has been the opportunity to interact and do critical analysis of global problems from shared experience and academic approach in order to understand their nature, and to appreciate the complexities that policymakers have to interrogate in developing policies.

The diversity of students expands your knowledge as you get to appreciate how unique and cross cutting policy issues tend to be, and how interdependent the global political arena is.
The seminars are priceless as they open you to an academic thinking on how to interrogate governance and policy issues from a globally interconnected and interlinked system.

The teaching methodology for the Master’s program is really foundational as it enables you as a student to develop your own opinions about your study area. It also enables you to challenge yourself to have a deeper understanding of your area of specialization, while having a Professors guide to the academic approach of your study.

There are quite a number of benefits of an education from the University of Sheffield:
1. The seminar approach of learning prepares you for the world’s complex issues as it commands more of you as the scholar to research in depth in order to understand and appreciate your area of specialization or study.
2. The different student union driven activities be it societies, social and community outreach initiatives prepare you and make you keen to the world around you as you appreciate diversity of culture and develop and establish lifelong networks.
3. In relation to career development having studied at a world re-knowned Institution of higher learning sets you apart from the rest in relation to how competitive you are, and critical to issues around you.

The best thing about Sheffield is the environment and the setup of the University makes it easy for you as a student to learn. In addition, the university’s support staff and lecturer’s interactive environment has been helpful in assisting students find their academic footing.

After I finish my course I plan to return home and participate in my countries economic development, and also mentor young people to embrace leadership with a broader outlook that cuts across social, economic and political sphere of life.

The advice I would give to prospective students is I would encourage him/her to have an open mind to life and be willing to be challenged in order to realize their potential both in academics and in their social life. They should also be willing to go beyond just being a normal student and explore other opportunities that are available to them as a student to develop themselves.