Oluchi Emenike

MEng Chemical Engineering

Winner of the Nigeria Undergraduate Merit Scholarship 2013

scholarship winnerPrior to studying MEng Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, I completed my secondary school education in Nigeria where I took the West African Senior School Certificate Examination and Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level examination in 2012.I engaged in the NCUK International Foundation Year programme in Science and Engineering in 2013.

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield as the fact that the research facility in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department is one of the best in the country. Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield has a lot to offer me from the skills I will acquire which are in dire need in almost every industry to the skills I need to improve to make me a more knowledgeable and logical human. My vision is to the rebuild my nation’s industry as well as to contribute to the success of the global chemical industry.

I feel happy and thankful being a winner of a University of Sheffield scholarship. It revealed the fact that hard work, determination, focus and endeavour really pays off which motivates me as I continue to pursue education.

I enjoy the tutorial sessions, group works and laboratory sessions in my course, as they make studying Chemical Engineering more enjoyable. We get to interact and exchange ideas so that studying is a collective thing. Listening and engaging with people who have different approaches to tackling everyday engineering problems has aided my study and understanding of the course.

The teaching and study methods at the University sit very well with me and I think the methods are very wonderful and realistic. Diverse teaching aids have made assimilation easier.

Getting an education at the University of Sheffield is an achievement knowing that at the end of my study, I will leave equipped with knowledge and with skills which will be highly sought after in different parts of the world. I will also be prepared to face any chemical engineering challenge.

The student life at the University is great thanks to our Students Union which is the leading union. The activities, events, opportunities and help the Students Union provides is so wonderful and will make one want to remain at the University much longer.

On the completion of my course, I would like to do a Master’s degree programme in business management and later go into the food industry, cosmetic industry and if possible into wine making.

To the prospective students I will say “‘never let the fear of losing keep you from playing the game.’ If you fail, keep trying until you get it because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Know where you stand and know there is no harm in planning ahead. Enjoy yourself, get involved and don’t give up your social life, just know how to balance it with your studies and live life to the fullest. Remember to leave your footprints in the sand of time.