Lacuo Bingma

MSc Finance and AccountingLacuo Bingma Profile

Before I came to the University of Sheffield, I obtained my bachelor degree from Ningbo University. My interest in data processing, and Chinese future development in international commerce, helped me choose to major in both domestic and international accounting. After finishing my previous study in China, I decided it was time for me to study in a school abroad.

I chose Sheffield because it ranks very well in many of the global university rankings, which I hope will help me to compete in the global job market after graduation. The triple accreditation of the Management School made it stand out and ensures a quality education. Furthermore, tuition fees and living expenses are relatively affordable, taking into account that Sheffield is the fourth- largest city in the UK.

When I actually made it to Sheffield and enrolled onto the MSc Finance and Accounting, I found everything far beyond my expectations! When I first stepped into the Management School, it seemed like a truly international environment, with pupils and academic staff from different countries. This is my most enjoyable thing about studying here: I can get in touch with people from all corners of the world! In my studies this helps me learn about accounting standards, principles and even financial cases in other countries.

Students choose their modules at the beginning of the semester. Modules are divided into lectures and tutorial sessions. Lectures deliver a fundamental introduction to this specific subject and offer guidance on further study. In tutorials, students often work in small groups to discuss and analyze questions in greater depth, and tutors will offer advice and guidance. All these courses cultivate our abilities in conducting academic research and putting what we learn into practice.

There are at least three libraries at the University of Sheffield, with great collections to choose from, and a well-established on-line library service called Starplus. I can access whatever I need for further study and the new, automatic renewal of books really allows me to make best use of University resources.

As for life here in Sheffield, it is truly an international place where you can experience a new life-style without being home-sick. There are hundreds of student societies in the University of Sheffield, and over sixty sport societies. You can make friends from all over the world and share hobbies.

The fabulous student service teams ensure that I can access all that’s on offer here at Sheffield. For instance, there is a Career Mentor Scheme, which offers you a chance to get in touch with a graduate in your field. They have relevant work experience and are delighted to give you advice on finding work and preparing for your upcoming professional career. As Chinese students, we’re also so honored to be able to get involved in a scheme named “Great Ambassador Scheme” which aims to offer jobs or internships specifically for Chinese students at the University of Sheffield.

In the future I want to be a professional accountant, specializing in external audit with my solid foundation in both Chinese and international accounting. When I finish my postgraduate course I hope to get acquire more accounting knowledge and a practical understanding of British corporate culture to help me in my future. I’d advise other potential students to also make their choice of University based on your skills, interests and future plans.

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