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Ambassadors for 2019


Georgios Yiannakou - PhD Advanced Manufacturing


I am from Limassol, Cyprus and I chose to study for an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Sheffield due to my inherent passion of fixing and disassembling home appliances; I ended up pursuing a doctorate in Advanced Manufacturing. The University of Sheffield has a world-wide reputation in Engineering and also strong connections with leading organisations around the world. Students here get the opportunity to be taught by some of the best academics in their research field providing them with outstanding teaching and learning experience and exposure to the latest advancements in science and engineering.
I would encourage any student considering Sheffield to take the leap and become part of this community. Everyone both in the city and the University are very welcoming and friendly. The Student Union offers a wealth of opportunities; either through its sports and cultural societies or through events being hosted or organised during the year. Also, Sheffield is the greenest city in Britain and offers a plethora of outdoor activities for adrenaline seekers, like hiking cycling or bouldering.
I believe that university is not only about acquiring academic knowledge but also be exposed to various environments in order to develop your personality. Being part of the Sheffield community has helped me become a more conscious and socially-aware individual.


Eleni Koursari - BSc Medical Biochemistry

I am a Cypriot student currently undertaking my final year of my Bachelor in Medical Biochemistry. I have been in Sheffield for three years now, and every day I keep finding new things to explore and love more about the city. Our university is one of the best for student experience and personally, I believe that the university is both academically and socially one of the best places to study. There are tons of activities to get involved in and people here are very friendly and inviting. Surely, the University of Sheffield is an ideal place to live and study and offers so many opportunities to get involved.


Laura Barré -MA English Literature


I am Laura and I study Literature . After finishing my Erasmus year in Sheffield, I knew I absolutely wanted to come back for my Masters. I have always felt completely accepted here and I know that I will always find the support I need between the Students' Union Information Desk, my uni friends and my society. I have had so much fun thanks to the Volleyball society. My team has become my second family here and I feel so lucky and proud to be captain within such an inclusive club. The university in general is so international, I get to exchange everyday with both British students and people from all over the world. I'm extremely happy I chose to study in this amazing city and I would recommend the University to anyone who wants to have the best student experience.


Dimitris Koutris - BEng Chemical Engineering

Coming from Athens, I moved to Sheffield in September 2017 and I am currently a second-year chemical engineering undergraduate student. I definitely do not regret my decision to study at the University of Sheffield as it does not only provide the best academic education but it is also a lively city with countless events happening through the year. I would characterize Sheffield as a big and welcoming city but with a countryside-like feel, which therefore provides a variety of entertainment whilst avoiding the hubbub of a larger city. As an engineering student, I cannot overlook the innovative infrastructure provided to us by the facilities of the university, especially the labs and study space in the Diamond, as it is the main building of our department.


Andrzej Kasperek - BDs Dental Surgery


I am a second year student studying dentistry at the University of Sheffield. Choosing to study here was a fantastic decision for many reasons. This supportive and friendly Russell Group University offers a range of academic and leisure activities. There are many services to help with all kinds of problems, a large range of societies to suit anybody’s preference and an overall pleasant atmosphere. The impressive libraries and facilities make studying enjoyable and there’s always something going on to keep me occupied. The city itself is very affordable and situated close to the Peak District which is an amazing place to visit, especially on a bike. With such a vibrant and diverse community, I am convinced it is a place anyone can call home.


Ruxandra Mindru - MComp Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science


You don’t exactly plan to fly more in a year than you have ever flown in your life. But that’s exactly how my life has been unfolding since coming to University. This year alone, I was in all the countries whose languages I knew at least the basics of. If you think coming to University means you won’t have time to do anything else besides studying, let me reassure you.
As a student of Computer Science with a creative streak, I found that in Sheffield, I was able to develop my skills as a programmer, while putting my filmmaking and writing abilities to very good use. It was through the Afro-Latin Dance Society that I met my closest friends, people who have taught me to cook Korean food at the same time as giving me courage to couchsurf in Paris. Above all else, I think Sheffield attracts a certain type of people, a well-balanced mix of intellect, ambition and fun. Every day, they motivate me to become better, inspire me to initiate new projects and send me all the BTS videos I need to keep on going. The world opens up to you in a place as diverse as Sheffield.

Ambassadors for 2018


Diana   diana

"In my opinion, the best thing about the University of Sheffield is that there's endless opportunities. I live in the city so I have access to restaurants, shops, bars and gyms (all very important to a young person). I also have the opportunity to get on a bus and go to the Peak District whenever I'm feeling like I need a break from the city. The University specifically has many society options to choose from and immerse yourself in when you have free time."


Theodora theodora

"I wish I knew that the university has many opportunities for students. As a first year student i only knew where my lectures were and where to go out, there are a lot of other things that you can do with your time and as a first year student you will have a lot. Join a society, find a part time job or volunteer, meet new people. These three year are the greatest years of our life." 


"My tips for future students studying at Sheffield is to explore Sheffield as much as they can. It is a beautiful place with many places worth visiting. Do not hesitate to ask for help! Everyone was as confused as you are now, so everyone is willing to help you. Lastly, organise your timetable in order to succeed in the university while having a social life."


Emilie emilie

"The University of Sheffield offers a lot of student support and services. Personal tutors are there to assist you in your academic and personal life. They assess the way you’ve progressed and will happily write you reference letters. The careers service is there to give you precious advice on jobs and employment and will help you gather your existing skills. In addition, every new activity you undertake,such as learning a new language, goes on your HEAR report, a certificate where students can present themselves to employers."

Elyane lab

"The labs are well equipped and if I need anything there are always other PhD students or postdocs around to help. The bibliographical resources are also very rich and the StarPlus portal on the University website makes it very easy to search. The University website is very well conceived for the students and we can find there anything we need.

My supervisor is supportive and lets me use my own initiatives. We have weekly meetings to talk about the project and otherwise he is always around and available for any questions."



"Sheffield varsity is something everybody should experience once.  The city is an amazing place for students. The majority of places around university buildings are designed for students, making the city one big campus."


"I would advice all the prospective students to simply look forward to their time here in Sheffield. Before I came here I was a little worried about potential language barriers and organisational problems, but once you come here you will see that everything works out naturally. When you have questions there is always someone that will help you and only after a short time you will feel like Sheffield is a second home."


Charoula  charoula2

"What I love about Sheffield is the short distance between the campus and the little stores and restaurants all around the city. Living in Sheffield you have the chance to experience diversity in every aspect. Living in Sheffield you are a part of a big multicultural family. Another fact that I love about Sheffield, is one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are already two beautiful parks in the campus, the Crookes Valley Park and the Weston Park. Also, few minutes away from the city centre there is the Peak District, one of the most picturesque National Parks in UK."

Vasiliki vasiliki

"People in Sheffield are very friendly and the city itself is beautiful. Although I am far from home , I always feel like Sheffield is my home and felt welcomed by the locals as soon as I arrived. On weekends , I like going for walks in the city centre and visit the little shops and have amazing pastry. Sheffield is a multicultural hub so it is only natural for international food to be easily available in every corner. Although I am not a fan of spicy food myself, I have rejoiced in the fact that there are many Indian restaurants that have even me daydreaming."



"I appreciate that classes are small with no more than ten individuals so teacher really are by your side and can help you out with anything you may need. Also I love that classes are scheduled on a good plan which is not too tight yet specific for both oral and written aspect of the language. It is also great to have teachers who are native speakers or were born in the country where the languages are spoken.

I value that teachers always consider feedback from the students and it is really easy to talk with them about any problem you might have. The fact that each student has a tutor for reference it is also great and it helped me a lot when I was undecided about my course choice and I wanted to change. I like that oral classes are divided from written classes and the grammar is always explained really well. Personally I like that we receive all the study material on MOLE because we can use our laptop in class or print some material at the University without wasting so much on books and photocopies."

Emanuele emanuele

"The great amount of highly-motivated British and International students as well as high qualified Module Tutors make the subject more exciting and challenging, with the opportunity of critically discuss and debate academic theories. Another enjoyable thing is the availability of an impressive amount of literature through the library service, and, several places to study, individually, as part of a group, in silence or quite rooms, according to needs and preferences."



"I believe that the best thing at Sheffield is the Students’ Union and the student life it provides. The SU has so many things to offer. From food outlets to night clubs, sports and societies. The SU has helped me improve my CV while also having fun at the same time. I’ve managed to be a part of several societies while also being involved in sports and volunteering."


"The University is devoted to offering the best possible experience to students. This can be seen at the Students’ Union, a wonderful lively place with many active members committed to making sure you have a lovely time here. Getting bored would be a challenge, because there is always something to do!"


Olivia olivia

"Sheffield is an amazing, culturally diversified student city; anyone would find their place here.  Studying in Sheffield gave me amazing opportunities and challenges, which make me grow every day. Sheffield is the place where I have found my soulmates and learned how to live on my own; I wouldn’t change it to any other city."


"The content of our lectures is always up-to-date with the most recent research. Often people who teach us are highly specialized in their subjects. The study space is high-tech, offering access to computers, digital libraries and laboratories. As most of our staff are specialized in the subjects they teach and the improvements in education are feedback-based, the course content is laid out to us in a very accessible way. Because the module content is always accessible from MOLE, it is much easier to revise. Teachers are in constant contact with us, making it possible to receive individual explanations for specific subjects."


Andreaa andrea

"There are plenty of things I love about Sheffield but my favourites are: the multiculturalness of the community, both city and university, student and staff. Being exposed to all these different cultures has a huge impact on the way I see the world and everything that is happening around me. I can now say that I have friends and met people from all over the world, I always get to learn something new from everybody and experience different cultures through them."


andrei"My top tips are to collect information from any reliable sources in terms of accomodation, means of transport, sports facilities. Have a thorough understanding about all the degrees available before making your final decision and get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can or join one of the societies in order to make a lot of friends."

Ruxandra ruxandra

"It's an amazing community. One of the best friends I’ve made here has become my hero of sorts, making me much more environmentally aware, more conscious of the waste and the clutter gathering in my apartment, much braver and willing to take risks. I’ve flown alone to Oslo for my 20th birthday and it was the most thrilling gift I could have ever given myself. Sheffield has seen me grow from anxious foreigner to confident woman, from passionate mathematician to passionate programmer. It’s all been thanks to the people!"


"Being internationally recognized represents one of the most beneficial aspects of studying at Sheffield. The university gives you outstanding opportunities to improve your skills. Also, the university organizes Job Fairs where a lot of world-know companies attend, increasing the employability of students.

As mentioned before, studying at Sheffield comes with a lot of opportunities. My personal favourite aspect of university is the community. Even if you are a foreigner, most of the people around you are going to treat you like you are one of their own. There are various ways of meeting new people and probably the easiest way to do so is to joing Societies. Probably the most difficult part is to decide which ones (from the approximately 300 societies) to choose, but you can get involved in as much as you want."



"Knowing that I was facing the challenge of moving to a different country and adapting to a different language and culture on top of having to fend for myself and be self-sufficient, it was very important to me that the place I go to was somewhere people were happy. Therefore, the student satisfaction evaluation was very important to me and Sheffield really stood out. Moreover, all of my contact with the department and admissions had been very warm and helpful which really helped in making me feel comfortable and welcome. When I finally had to pick my firm choice, I came to visit the University and I was blown away by how great the accommodation and the campus looked, particularly the student’s union. I was very hesitant about moving to a big city like Sheffield but the moment I set foot here it felt right; it’s such an open and lovely city, everyone is really nice and there are so many things to do!"

Beatriz beatriz

"The University of Sheffield is well-positioned in rankings. In terms of employability, this is clearly a benefit. Moreover, the university has different connections with enterprises and other universities, so this is also a benefit of studying in this university

The best thing about life here is definitely the amount of activities you can get involved in. Whichever your interests are, there is a society for you; whether that’s baking, makeup, pole dancing, salsa dancing, poetry or cinema! Our Students’ Union is the best in the country for a reason, and everyone should take advantage of what it has to offer. Having the opportunity to try new things and meet new people is incredible. Moreover, the SU is incredibly supportive of students; not only with respect to academic issues, but also with housing, mental health issues, etc."