Sheffield students

Carmen, Portugal

Sheffield is one of the cheapest cities in the country, I took a tuition fee loan and also do University jobs that help with extras without causing an impact on my studies.

Carmen, BA Modern Languages, Portugal

As an EU student I am eligible for the tuition fee loan to fund my studies. I applied for the loan once I had accepted my offer and the process was easy and quite fast. I work in the summer to save money for the year and also work part-time for the University. Living in Sheffield is relatively affordable, especially compared to London for instance. As everything is within walking distance, I don't have to worry about transportation costs and there are many cheap supermarkets around. Participating in activities is also relatively affordable as most restaurants/clubs/cinemas and so on, do offers and student prices. I don't feel like I have to constantly worry about money which has been a relief.

Elina, BA Business Management, Finland

Elina, Finland
Polina, Bulgaria

Thankfully, as an EU student I am allowed to take the Student Finance Loan - without it I wouldn't have been able to come and study here. Since I got a part-time job, money has not been a problem for me - so don't worry too much about it, it's better to think about how much it is worth to have a diploma from such a well-known University.

Polina, BA Journalism Studies, Bulgaria

Life in Sheffield is cheaper than elsewhere in the UK (especially accommodation) so it's easier to manage if you're on a tight budget. For a prospective EU student I'd recommend thinking about the exchange rates - you don't want to get a bad surprise when the rate turns against you!

Monika, MA Material Culture Studies, Estonia

Monika, Estonia
Andrei, Romania

Dear reader, the time has come to get down to really serious matters. Money. The good news is that: 1. Sheffield is one of, if not the, cheapest city for students in the UK (by my maths, it only costs me about £6000 a year to live here). 2. The University provides a lot of help for students so that they can find part time jobs in order to support themselves. The not so good news: it's not free. Nope, it's not. It costs you a couple of minutes to go online on the Universities Job website, and apply for jobs, so, in the words of Gimli from The Lord of the Rings: "What are you waiting for?"

Andrei, MEng Aerospace Engineering, Romania

Sheffield is affordable, but alas the UK is more expensive than much of the rest of Europe. You’ll want to have your finances in order before you come. I recommend investing in a good budgeting app and pestering some of your British fellow students about how and where to find cheap goods. Top picks for affordable shopping in Sheffield: Falafel King for all your lunch needs, Fruit Appeal on Broomhill to get your vitamins organised and Ecclesall Road for Op-Shopping and Tescos Groceries.

Magdalena, BA International Relations and Politics, Germany

Magdalena, Germany
Paula, Malta

As a student I am financially dependent on my loan, personal savings and a scholarship so I have to be very careful. However Sheffield isn't an expensive city to live in so you can live pretty decently. There are also various opportunities to work part-time should you choose to.

Paula, MA Landscape Architecture, Malta

I am funding my studies by myself; this means that I need to be very organized and careful with my expenses. However, Sheffield (especially compared with cities in south England, like London or Brighton) is not really an expensive place to live. You can find value for money places and the countryside offers loads of cheap solutions for fun and recreation.

Alexandra, MSc Data Science, Greece

Alexandra, Greece
Adam, Poland

Money was a big issue to overcome at the very beginning. Fortunately, thanks to the tuition fee loan I managed to fund the course and start university. My parents managed to help me with living expenses but you can easily find a part-time job. MyVacancies is a website I visit frequently for the latest job offers - you can find a perfect vacancy for you without a problem.

Adam, BA Architecture, Poland