Sheffield students on...the city

Sheffield is a great city. Honestly, I have a sweet tooth for culture and arts, and Sheffield is an amazing city for this. I never imagined that I would be able to see the Moscow Ballet performing "Swan Lake" too soon, but Sheffield gave me this opportunity. And this was just one of the many highlights of the Sheffield cultural life, which has something for everyone. More than that, as a student you get huge discounts! I also like the fact that Sheffield is positioned almost in the centre of the UK. I like travelling...A LOT! and from Sheffield I can be either in London or Edinburgh in no longer than 2-3 hours!

Andrei, MEng Aerospace Engineering, Romania

Andrei, Romania
Elina, Finland

Sheffield is a great city with many activities within walking distance. I enjoy running and there are several parks and outdoor areas that are perfect for it. In addition, the Peak District is very close to Sheffield, and a great way to spend a day out. Sheffield is home to several successful sports teams, like Sheffield Sharks (basketball), Sheffield United and Wednesday (football) and Sheffield Steelers (ice hockey). Tickets to their games are affordable and the atmosphere is always great. There are several nice bars, restaurants and cafés on Division Street, Ecclesall Road and West Street that are very popular among students. There is always something going on for everyone, including concerts and salsa nights.

Elina, BA Business Management, Finland

The place is as great as it sounds. Personally I love the Peace and Winter Gardens in the city centre as they are a nice retreat from a busy day. I also love the Peak District for the fresh air and magnificent landscapes it has - Sheffield is so lucky to have it nearby! I don't go clubbing but I can list at least ten clubs which are worth going to - so if you are into that, you won't regret the choice. There are lots of unique independent shops and places to visit - and one of the biggest vintage fairs around!

Polina, BA Journalism Studies, Bulgaria

Polina, Bulgaria
Adam, Poland

Sheffield is an incredible place for students! Although the actual city centre is quite compact there's still plenty to do. I found several great pubs and restaurants with great food. When the weather is nice I usually grab a sandwich and relax in the Winter Gardens.

Adam, BA Architecture, Poland

My favourite thing about Sheffield is that being a huge 'foodie', I love that there are so many quality places to eat in Sheffield which are quite culturally diverse and numerous enough to keep you busy trying out new dishes and atmospheres. There are plenty of other activities that will certainly fill your time during your stay. Sheffield has a good theatre scene, a massive mall just a few minutes out of town, a few cinemas, and not to mention the number of pubs, bars and clubs that put on a variety of events to keep you happy any day of the week. And if you happen to get bored of the crazy night scene or relentlessly going out for meals, you can always take a day trip to nearby destinations or head to Motorpoint Arena and support the Sheffield ice hockey teams (great atmosphere guaranteed, and who knows, maybe even a brawl or two on the ice). It is great to live in a place that has the services of a large city in terms of things to do and places to go, as well as having large areas of green space that make it so pleasant to live in. A trip to the nearby Peak District is a must! What is more, the locals are very friendly to students so don't be startled by the casual 'alright duck?' or many of its alternatives. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with Sheffield too.

Catalina, MA Leadership and Management, Romania

Catalina, Romania
Monika, Estonia

The general price level at Sheffield is lower than the UK average, which makes it an ideal place for students. The 300-something societies and 55 sports clubs are an amazing array of choices you can keep yourself busy with. West Street is at the heart of night life but in the end all nights out tend to end at our amazing SU - Roar and Poptarts are my favourite parties held there. Sheffield also benefits from a quite central location - Leeds and Manchester airports are within comfortable distance and the train and bus services are great too.

Monika, MA Material Culture Studies, Estonia

Sheffield is the perfect city to be a student in. I am Hungarian so I never visited the city before I moved here and I was astonished by the number of parks the city offers. In addition to being pretty, Sheffield offers a vibrant social life. The nights out are amazing and other fun activities like going to the theatre, paint-balling and all kinds of sports opportunities are very easily accessible.

Fanni, BA Architecture, Hungary

Fanni, Hungary
Alexandra, Greece

Living in Sheffield offers a wonderful opportunity to travel throughout the beautiful English countryside and discover magical places. There are plenty of marvellous little cities like York for example that you should not miss and the Peak District is always a great reason for outdoor activities. Sheffield city is vibrant, full of little clubs and nice restaurants and pubs. Don't miss Crucible theatre, it's one of the best in the UK.

Alexandra, MSc Data Science, Greece

Food, drink, nights out, music , culture are all up to your taste at University. With time you will meet people with the same tastes as you, and you will also learn different ones from different people. There is so much variety of events at the University's Students' Union that you will be tempted to try everything and anything and expand your horizons.

Carmen, BA Modern Languages, Portugal

Carmen, Portugal
Magdalena, Germany

I love Sheffield! I am currently on exchange in Australia and I miss it so much! The city is really beautiful and green and feels very alive. Most of the university buildings are quite high up on a hill so you can see the surrounding countryside. Speaking of which: the Peak District really is as close as everyone keeps telling you. I spent a reading week there in my first semester and if you’re an outdoorsy type like me it’s definitely a must.

Magdalena, BA International Relations and Politics, Germany

Travelling in and around Sheffield is really easy. The bus services are relatively frequent and if at any point you need to get somewhere quickly you can call the city taxis which are not at all expensive. Having said that, getting to the Sheffield City Centre is so easy as it is within comfortable walking distance from the University of Sheffield. Sheffield is really well connected by trains and you won't have any trouble moving around the UK. There is lots to do in Sheffield, more than you have time for as a student. The University gym is really well organised with classes to attend to as well as many sports activities. Although I can't say I've spent a lot of my time out and about in the evening, I can say that there are various options to choose from and you'll definitely have a fun night out in the end.

Paula, MA Landscape Architecture, Malta

Paula, Malta