Sheffield students on...student clubs and societies

Elina, Finland

I started playing basketball in my first year and I would say it has been one of the best decisions I have made in uni. Basketball has allowed me to make so many close friends, travel around the country (and even abroad), participate in fun social events and represent my university. We train several times a week and have games on Wednesdays. Usually we go out in fancy dress outfits to Roar (the students' union Wednesday club night), have dinner together or watch a film after a game. I am also a member of Enactus Sheffield, a student-run company dedicated to running social action projects. Enactus has helped me gain confidence and developed many useful skills as well as allowed me to contribute towards something I feel strongly about and meet similar minded people. We have a weekly Enactus meeting and then usually do individual work throughout the week. In addition, there are socials and training events throughout the year that are both fun and useful.

Elina, BA Business Management, Romania

During my time at University I have joined various societies, clubs and projects. I have been part of ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action Us) which is a social enterprise that drives various local and international projects for the benefit of society. This has been a big part of my experience as a student. I joined a new project working with the homeless in Sheffield to upcycle new products which are then sold in local shops to raise funds that support the homeless in their future prospects. This has been immensely rewarding and on top of that I had the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals as part of a team, and be part of a great social enterprise during work hours as well as beyond, extending to socials and competitions. There are also numerous sports clubs to join, and I personally stuck with Muay Thai which is a well-rounded self-defence sport and the Sheffield University Muay Thai club is very welcoming and non-discriminatory which makes it a great place to meet people and stay in shape. Additionally, all clubs and societies have regular socials where members go out for drinks, dinner, or other activities where people can get to know each other better. With so many clubs and societies to choose from, there something for everyone!

Catalina, MA Leadership and Management, Romania

Catalina, Romania
Monika, Estonia

To begin with, for a foreigner, being a member of societies is the best way to meet native speakers and make good friends. I am a member of the trampolining club and the archaeology society (ArchSoc). The UoS trampolining club holds regular socials and takes part in competitions across the UK throughout the year. All levels are welcome and supported. The ArchSoc is mainly for students interested in or studying archaeology. It's a good way to meet friendly people across the field who you wouldn't come into otherwise. The society also holds socials and organises an annual trip abroad.

Monika, MA Material Culture Studies, Estonia

Another aspect of Sheffield I miss while on my year abroad! Take advantage of this as much as you can! In my first year at Sheffield I was part of the Model UN, the debating society and PolSoc. Then I went on a trip around Europe with Bummit, a charity hitchhike, and was a committee member for Lemon Fresh Society (which organises quirky alcohol-free leisure-time events). There are literally events on at any given day at the Union. There is truly ‘more to do than can ever be done’.

Magdalena, BA International Relations and Politics, Germany

Magdalena, Germany
Carmen, Portugal

I joined all the societies related to my languages, and was also glad to see there was Portuguese society with some Portuguese students. Out of curiosity I joined the poetry society, dancing, DJ and many others.

Carmen, BA Modern Languages, Portugal

I'm a member of SUAS (Sheffield University Architecture Society) and I do graphics, mostly posters for lectures and events. The lectures especially are a great opportunity to meet influential people from the architectural world and socialise with other years. I'm also a member of Dancesport Society and I represent the University at competitions at intermediate level.

Adam, BA Architecture, Poland

Adam, Poland
Andrei, Romania

"Oh my goodness!". This was my reaction when I first realised the huge number of student societies here in Sheffield. If you can think of it, it probably exists. If it doesn't, then the University and Students' Union will help you make it exist. At the moment, I am part of a student society called SIMURQ, which designs, builds and tests drones, aircraft and other aerospace related toys. With these guys, I am working on a project for the IMechE, building a heavy lifting drone. Wish us luck! I am also a member of the Romanian Society, RoSoc, and trust me, nothing feels better at time than speaking your own language from time to time.

Andrei, MEng Aerospace Engineering, Romania

The university offers so many sports clubs and societies, I am sure that everyone will find what they are looking for! In addition to doing the sport you love, being on a team will give you additional opportunities for making friends and attending social events. I am a member of the first volleyball team, we organise dinners and nights out together. In case you fear that you will not make it on a university team, remember that everyone else must be thinking the exact same thing! You cannot lose anything by trying out for the sport you love. Also if you ever wanted to try a sport or activity, but you never had a chance to then university offers you a perfect opportunity for that!

Fanni, BA Architecture, Hungary

Fanni, Hungary