Sheffield students on...the University

Magdalena, Germany

I picked Sheffield because Sheffield picked me and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I applied because Sheffield has a good reputation for politics. On exchange my skills and knowledge are really being put to the test now and I am happy to report that my first year at Sheffield set me on a very firm knowledge foundation indeed. The academic environment at Sheffield is very stimulating, but do not forget that this is university and you will only get as much out of your degree as you put in.

Magdalena, BA International Relations and Politics, Germany

I picked Sheffield because it had the highest score in my field - Journalism - after all the London ones. I knew I couldn't afford to study in London, so I hoped Sheffield would be good value for money. The quality of the course is very high - and I would choose it again and again if I had to. My course is very practical which is wonderful as we come out with a valuable skill set and not just a bunch of academic notions. The way the course is designed tests your abilities from day 1 but it is very, very rewarding to earn good marks and the respect of your teachers and friends.

Polina, BA Journalism Studies, Bulgaria

Polina, Bulgaria
Monika, Estonia

I chose Sheffield as a place to spend my year abroad since the university has some leading experts in the area of research in archaeology I am interested in. Although I'm a visiting postgraduate, I'm doing most of the modules people around me are and I feel quite well connected with the other students. The lecturers and students form a friendly community that I find very welcoming. I would definitely recommend the course for any EU or international students as it is a distinguished archaeology department and University in the UK.

Monika, MA Material Culture Studies, Estonia

I picked the University of Sheffield because it has a very good reputation and the Management School is in the top 1% worldwide due to its Triple Crown accreditation, which makes it a great place to have a degree from. Additionally, I wanted to pick a University that not only has a great reputation but that also has modern student accommodation and facilities and is located in a friendly, and diverse city. Sheffield excels in all areas. Additionally, the University of Sheffield has the best Students' Union in the country which means your interests as a student are high on the agenda and you will receive a breadth of support from the University from personal matters to career advisors. My course in Leadership and Management has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of teaching, diversity of modules and learning methods as well as the richness of cultures on the course which enabled me to meet students from very diverse backgrounds and form valuable friendships. I would recommend The University of Sheffield without hesitation to any EU student. As a Sheffield University student you will broaden your horizons and you will be immersed in at least one new culture.

Catalina, MA Leadership and Management, Romania

Catalina, Romania
Adam, Poland

The Architecture department at the University of Sheffield is considered one of the best in the country, thus the choice seemed quite obvious. The Arts Tower itself is a great building, with a unique paternoster which makes moving in the tower much easier. Tutors are incredibly helpful and you can bond with them quickly. The relationship is much more collaborative of which I'm a big fan!

Adam, BA Architecture, Poland

I primarily picked Sheffield because of its strong Architecture course. The university is the top Architecture School outside London and second in the UK. I am extremely satisfied with my course, the tutors, professors and my course-mates are truly inspiring and supportive. Furthermore, Architecture students get to spend most of their time on the top floors of the arts tower, so we work with a panoramic view of Sheffield in front of us. This is certainly not your everyday view from a studio!
I would highly recommend the university to every EU student. It is a beautiful vibrant city with a great university! Choosing this university was one of the best decisions of my life!

Fanni, BA Architecture, Hungary

Fanni, Hungary
Andrei, Romania

I am a perfectionist, and I always wanted to learn from the best. When I applied through UCAS, I literally applied to the Top 5 Aerospace Engineering courses in the country, and got offers from 4 of them. However, the main reason I chose the University of Sheffield is because I felt like they care about their students. The other universities seemed cold. The University of Sheffield felt like a warm family welcoming you. I've been in Sheffield for 8 months, and I still believe that the University cares about me as an individual and as a student, and always tries to help and support me. This is why I recommend it to you, reader!

Andrei, MEng Aerospace Engineering, Romania

The University of Sheffield has a good reputation and is well-known around the country which has enhanced my employability and learning experience. All my lecturers are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their own field, making lectures and assignments interesting and motivating. The University facilities are excellent. The latest research and textbooks can easily be accessed in one of the University libraries as well as other support. The University hosts many career events and offers help with job applications and interviews, giving us all the tools we need in order to succeed in our future careers.

Elina, BA Business Management, Finland

Elina, Finland
Carmen, Portugal

When I first visited the University of Sheffield with my parents , I just fell in love with the green-city vibe it had to it, it's like a little combination of all things pretty, the architecture is beautiful and the weather is not so bad. Besides all these qualities it gave me the chance to study up to 4 languages in my first year, and now I study 3. The University is always at the top of their game for everything , they are number 1 in the country for student accommodation, social life and the Students' Union.

Carmen, BA Modern Languages, Portugal

I chose the University of Sheffield specifically for the reputation of the Landscape Department. I would definitely recommend it to other EU students as it's a course that is extremely thorough (although hectic at times) and furthermore opened so many doors of opportunities I would have never thought of. The tutors are very down to earth, extremely driven in their academic career and most importantly, very happy to be teaching. The administration and support staff are also very helpful throughout the year to ensure that the department and the courses are running as smoothly as possible.

Paula, MA Landscape Architecture, Malta

Paula, Malta