Yousef Shahatit

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Winner of the Middle East Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

Scholarship winnerI studied the Jordanian primary education system in primary school. As I reached high school, I decided to study the British system and do gcse’s and then A-level’s afterwards. I was interested in science subjects for that reason, I chose mostly science subjects in my gcse’s. During my gcse’s the subjects that intrigued me the most where Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So I studied these subjects in A-levels in addition to my first language which is Arabic. I did all my studying in one school which is the National Orthodox School situated in Amman.

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield for many reasons. To begin with, the University of Sheffield has a reputation for being a centre of excellence in Engineering. Furthermore, according to most ranking organisations the University of Sheffield is ranked amongst the top 5 in Mechanical Engineering in the UK. Also the fact that many of the research produced by the Department of Mechanical Engineering are world leading encouraged me even more. The fact that the University of Sheffield is part of the Russell Group was also one of the reasons I chose it.

To be a University of Sheffield scholarship winner, I had to compete with a lot of talented and committed students from all around the region. Being the winner made me feel extremely honoured and also proud of myself. It also meant the all the hard work paid off. With that in mind, I am now more motivated than ever to put the hard work in and try to get the best I can from my years in university.

Doing Mechanical Engineering in the University of Sheffield is just an amazing experience. The way that we are directed to challenge ourselves is outstanding. One of the things I enjoy the most as well is the practical part of the course. As I get to apply what I learn in lectures which allows me to further understand the theories.

As a first year student, I found that all my lecturers are enthusiastic and are really good at explaining things. Also each student is assigned to a tutor at the beginning of the year. This is very helpful as I get lots of feedback and further explanation from my tutor as well as working with the rest of my tutor group on solving problems and preparing for exams. The way that the practical work is integrated into the course is really helpful and would give me the skills needed to become successful as an engineer.

Given the prestigious reputation that the University of Sheffield holds among employers, I believe that a degree from the university would pave the way for me get into industry as soon as I graduate. Also a degree from Sheffield allows you to work as a professional engineer in almost all the world. The skills that I will get during my time studying at Sheffield would assist me in excelling in my career and achieving my goals in life.

I always read that students here at the University of Sheffield are the most satisfied. When I got here I was able to find out why. The reason is that courses are engineered in a way that each student receives excellent education coupled with reasonable free time to enjoy. There is also a lot of cultural diversity at the University of Sheffield. I have met people from all over the world and from areas I never thought I would meet anyone from. The amazing Students Union at the university takes the student life in Sheffield to another level, As it provides activities for all of interests.

Hopefully when I finish my course successfully I want to do some further studies such as an MSc in a subject related to Mechanical Engineering. After that I look forward to start a career at a reputable firm and to apply the skills I learnt throughout my time here at university to reach a good status at the company I work for. I have also always wanted to work in a field related to research in renewable energy. As the lack of energy sources has been one of the main problems facing my country Jordan.

To prospective students - to begin with, be prepared to meet people from all around the globe and to experience the taste of different culture, also be prepared to engage in a course which would give you the cutting edge in becoming a successful professional. Last but not least get prepared to have the time of your life and an experience you will never forget.