We've been welcoming students here for many decades

The University of Sheffield has a long-established relationship with Lebanon

An extraordinary student experience

We're the number one university in the Russell Group for student experience. Our Students' Union came top for the ninth year running.

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International scholarships

We believe in rewarding international applicants who show exceptional academic achievement and potential. Over £4.5 million in international scholarships.

Over £4.5 million in international scholarships>


We value international students and are passionate about making sure their contribution to our economy and culture is recognised.


Studying at Sheffield

We've been welcoming students from Lebanon for many years and our staff are very familiar with the Lebanese education system and qualifications. High entrance requirements for our degrees reflect the quality of the University.

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Firth Court

Scholarships and fees

We are pleased to offer a range of scholarships to students from Lebanon who show exceptional academic potential. You can apply from February 2018.

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Sheffield and Lebanon

We make regular visits to Lebabnon throughout the academic year in order to deepen our partnerships and give prospective students the opportunity to meet our team.

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View of Lebanon