Tuition fees

For further information about tuition fees at the University of Sheffield please click on the following link:

Tuition Fees

Payment of Tuition Fees

You are able to pay fees in instalments once you arrive at the University of Sheffield. You can pay the fees in advance or at registration. We will send you information about this once you have applied and if you have been accepted to the University of Sheffield.

We recognise that some Syrian students want to pay all or part of a single year's tuition fee in advance of beginning their studies at Sheffield.

We are able to issue you with a receipt for the monies paid which you can use in support of your visa application.

If, for any reason, you are unable to obtain a study visa to come to the UK, the University of Sheffield will refund any monies you have paid.

The University of Sheffield does not require you to pay any of your tuition fees in advance of beginning your studies at Sheffield.

Please contact Educom International Limited or the Syria Team if you want more information about this:

email :