Arturo Mendoza


MA Governance and Public Policy

Arturo studied an undergraduate degree in international relations at the ITAM (Mexico) where he graduated with honors. For two years he worked at the Fulbright Commission (COMEXUS) as head of the U.S. Students Office. Arturo administered the Fulbright-Garcia Robles grant for young researchers, meant to foster academic exchanges and mutual understanding between the people of Mexico and the U.S. He has also worked as a research assistant and assistant professor at ITAM and written articles on security and public diplomacy for magazines such as Foreign Affairs Latinoamerica and Global Politics.

I was advised by Across the Pond through all the application process. I did some research on the ranking and research quality of the list of universities they presented to me and chose the University of Sheffield. Furthermore, the UoS has been awarded for providing the best student experience in the UK. In sum, it offers research quality and the perfect learning environment.

I feel deeply honoured and responsible likewise. I am responsible of giving my best in the classroom through a well-structured debate and group discussions. Furthermore, as cultural ambassador of Mexico abroad, this scholarship provides the opportunity to exchange ideas with people from other countries that want to know more about Mexico’s emerging economy and society.

Definitely, the most enjoyable thing has been the understanding of world problems through different perspectives, breaking all kind of stereotypes. I have particularly enjoyed sharing ideas with people from other continents, cultures, with different backgrounds and religious beliefs. Could not be a better mean to propel mutual understanding.

Study methods are dynamic and encourage the participation of the students. Particularly in politics, group discussions are led by the students. The module leader facilitates the discussion, however the students are required to prepare key readings before a seminar and responsible of enriching debate. This way, teaching methods are not unidirectional, making the learning experience enjoyable and fluent.

First, the experience of studying abroad carries a lot of knowledge –which could be traduced into benefits- itself. Secondly, the pluralism of British educational system fosters the interaction of people coming from different cultures and backgrounds. This reduces the gaps in the understanding of other beliefs and ideas. Finally, the University of Sheffield provides the technical and theoretical tools that allow the understanding of specific matters within my subject area that eventually will improve my performance in the labour market. In sum, benefits are personal and professional likewise.

There is a genuine commitment in engaging all students in activities beyond their academic responsibilities. Through the activities organised by the SU and the student representations, people lives the educational experience while getting to know other culture, students and ideas. The student life in Sheffield is alive, is accountable and enthusiastically active.

Hopefully, a better understanding of world affairs and the way politics work in different contexts and countries. Furthermore, a solid network of scholars and professionals around the world with experience in policy making. In an interdependent world, this could not be more important.

I would advise students to not be afraid of studying abroad. It is a life changing experience, full of knowledge and wonderful people. If having problems with cultural shock, Sheffield is the perfect place to get rid of it shortly. The student life, the support of the departments and the tranquillity of the city will make of your stay abroad the best you’ve ever had. Furthermore, Sheffield supports students –as me- to pay part of the tuition cost. Hence, money should never be a limitation in your educational plans.