Jorge Arroyo Palacios

Jorge graduate from the University of Sheffield in 2011 with a PhD Computer Science

Jorge ProfileI am studying in the Department of Computer Science and I am a new Route PhD Student. In the first year of my studies I did a Master in Advanced Computer Science and now I am working in my PhD in Virtual Reality.

I choose The University of Sheffield because it is one of the leading Universities in Research not only in UK but also in the world.

The Masters in Advanced computer Science is an excellent programme emphasised on promote a research culture and the modules contain both theoretical foundations and real practical issues for the development of software in business and industry. Some of the modules that I enjoyed the most were Java and UML, Three dimensional Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Computer Games Technology. The graphics research group where I am currently working has a long relationship with the computer games world. There have been published several books about 3D Graphics, Games Engines and Real Time Rendering Techniques by Dr. Alan Watt who is the Head of the Computer Graphics Research Group.

One of the things that I enjoy the most is working with people from different countries and cultures in research projects.

Sheffield is a city which provides an excellent student environment. It is one of the safest cities in the UK and one with the cheapest student living costs. The city has also a lot of recreative facilities: there are cinemas, restaurants, theatres, shopping centres, museums, bars, and a lot of night-life. There are also a lot of green areas, gyms and sport centres. Sheffield United is currently in the football premier league so you can enjoy very good matches at the local football stadium.

I spend my free time going out with my friends or in the Mexican and Latin American Society. Furthermore as a different activity of my course I study French in the Modern Languages Teaching Centre and on weekends I like to relax on the swimming pool and sauna. During vacations I like to travel and meet new cities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The most difficult aspect of coming to study at the University of Sheffield was leaving my life in Mexico, family and friends. However the experience of coming to study to a different country and culture has marked significantly my life and has changed positively my perspective of my own country and the world.

My advice for those international students coming to Sheffield is to enjoy the experience and take advantage of all the opportunities to develop your skills and interests. Think carefully about the course you like the most to take pleasure in the work you are going to do, and try to balance between studies and different recreative activities.