Jose Angel Garcia Velazquez

PhD Politics

Angel ProfileMy name is Jose Angel Garcia, I am 27 years old and I am studying a PhD in Politics at The University of Sheffield. Before joining Sheffield, I studied a BA in International Relations at Universidad de las Americas in Mexico. Thanks to the university’s international academic programme I was able to work for different international organizations and multinational corporations such as the Economic Council for Latin America and the Caribbean, Owens Corning and the British Council. It was thanks to the knowledge and skills I gained, that I decided to study an MA in Governance and Public Policy in the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield. This was then when my history at the University of Sheffield began.

Since my BA I have been interested in the study of international relations and politics. For this reason, I wanted to continue my studies not only in an internationally recognized university, but in a university with a strong Politics department. This is why I selected the University of Sheffield over other British and US institutions. Sheffield currently has the best Department of Politics in the UK, even better than universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. The University of Sheffield is part of the Russell Group, which guarantees excellent research practices recognized worldwide. Furthermore, it is one of the best 10 universities in the UK and one of the best 100 universities in the world.

Studying at the University of Sheffield is a very enriching and pleasant experience, full of knowledge, innovative ideas and academic discussion. I especially liked the debates and exchange of knowledge at class. Currently we are no more than 20 students from different parts of the world studying at PhD level in my Department. This allows us to fully participate in class, exchange point of views and acquire a new international perspective about the current topics and changes around the world.

Some of the most important things about a University are its teaching and study facilities. Since I started studying my MA at Sheffield I have made use of its excellent study facilities, including the huge Information Commons (IC) which has allowed me to get all the information I needed to successfully complete my degree and start the PhD. In regards to the teaching, my professors and tutors have always been keen to help me to solve my doubts, recommend me new interesting papers or articles and to support me through my academic development. All this has helped me to enjoy my time at Sheffield and to realize my potential.

From my point of view, The University of Sheffield gives you an internationally recognized degree, it allows you to become independent in your studies and research, gives you the opportunity to work with recognized researchers and provides you with innovative and applicable knowledge to become a leader in your field. All of this will open doors for you all over the world.

Regarding student life at The University of Sheffield, as an international student I was looking for a safe city, but interesting and not so expensive. Sheffield offers all of that. Sheffield is one of the 4 least expensive cities in the UK, it is one of the safest and it has everything you need to have a great time (restaurants, clubs, museums, national parks, etc).

Once I finish the PhD I am planning to work for a couple of years in the UK as a Political consultant for the British Government or as a researcher at the University of Sheffield, or to go back to Mexico to work for an international organization, foreign representation or the public sector. Thanks to the knowledge and skills I am acquiring I will be able to work as a policy designer in public/national security and social development areas.
If you are looking to develop your skills, join one of the best universities in the world and become a leader in your field, the University of Sheffield is the best place for you. The University of Sheffield offers you all the help you need, from your application process until your graduation. As an international student, you will have a great support from Sheffield´s International Officers, who will guide through all your application process and help you with different issues. I know that moving to another country can be a difficult decision but I can guarantee that you will not regret studying at the University of Sheffield. Just bring all your energy to start this exciting stage of your life!