Sam 170250Samantha Giovana Abrego Hernandez

PhD Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Technologies with the AMRC (Advanced) 2014

My name is Samantha Abrego and I come from Monterrey, México. I graduated from Mechatronics engineering and I worked in the technology department of an automotive company for three years, where the main goal of my last position was to research the current technologies in the market for punch presses in order to make a cheaper, lighter and efficient prototype.

In September 2013 I came to the University of Sheffield to study a master in ‘’Advanced Manufacturing Technologies’’ in the Mechanical Engineering department. Then in February of 2015 I started my PhD in the same department.

I chose the University of Sheffield mainly because of the prestige, the academic content of the master program and the opportunity to perform my research project with the Advance Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). For me this was really attractive to perform my dissertation project there as it is a world-leading centre for advanced manufacturing and has partnerships with companies such as Roll Royce, and Boeing.

The most enjoyable thing about being a student in the University of Sheffield for me is that you will always meet new people from different countries, I really like that, because it helps you to see different perspectives of life. Also, I have to say that the city is beautiful since it has lots of green spaces and parks such as the Peak district, it is not expensive in comparison with other cities in UK and the people are really friendly.

Another thing that is worthy to highlight is the support that we have from the supervisors, departments or the student union and all the societies that are part of the University.

The study methods are quite different from where I come from and to be honest at the beginning it was a little bit scary, but thanks to all the support and the experience that the University has with international students, after a while you will realize that is nothing to be afraid. The University provides all the facilities and resources from: libraries, computers, labs and support classes. For example if you feel that you need help to improve your English you can get support from the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC).

Once I finish my PhD I expect to work in a research technologies centre, because for me it’s the best combination to keep doing research and apply the knowledge that I will acquire in the industry.

My advice for future students coming to Sheffield is to learn as much as they can, enjoy every day and explode all the talent that I’m sure you have. Also do not miss the opportunity to get involve in some of the activities that the University provides and do not be afraid to make mistakes in any situation because is the way that we grow.