Sofia Sedas Perez

Bsc Biochemistry and GeneticsSofia

Before coming to the University of Sheffield I did the International Baccalaureate in the EDRON Academy at Mexico City. The subjects I did for my IB were Biology, Chemistry, and Math in Higher level, and Geography, English Literature and Spanish Language and Literature in Standard Level.

My high school had a British system and that encouraged me to apply to England. I specifically chose Sheffield for two reasons, the University ratings and the city itself. Sheffield has a great department for genetics so it was one of my choices, on Easter I visited some universities in England and I liked not only the university but the city itself.

I feel proud and happy that I got the Santander Undergraduate Scholarship. The Scholarship has helped my family financially and it has allowed me to visit my family in Christmas. The scholarship also helps for when my younger brother need to go to University.

One of the things I like most is when we are in labs and our results is what is expected and what we’ve learned in the lectures. I like it because when you hear it in a lecture it sounds really interesting and relatively easy, however when you are actually doing an experiment many things can go wrong, so I really enjoy when the experiment goes as expected. I think the lectures at the university are interesting and it’s a good way to teach as there are many students. I like the fact that every student has a tutor group of only 6 students because it gives a more personalised support and it is nice to know that the university cares about how each student is doing.

Having a degree from the University of Sheffield will help me when I am looking for a job as it is a respected school.

There are many aspects to student life, but living in University accommodation for the first year is really helpful as it gives you the chance to know many undergraduate fresher’s that are not from your course. Living at University accommodation helps make friends from many different backgrounds and different degrees.

I have enjoyed every part of my degree and I hope to have learned not only about my subject but about myself after I complete my degree. I still don’t know what type of job I want or If I would like to do research, I just hope that by the end of my course everything is more clear so I can decide what should be my next step.

I would advise prospective students to not only consider the University but the city itself, at it is going to be your home for the next 3 or 4 years. I would also advise to take with them something that reminds them from your home or family, to remember your family whenever you get homesick.