Adoree Hatton

Adoree graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2012 with an MA in Librarianship

AdoreeBefore choosing to attend University of Sheffield, I completed a BA degree in English Literature and Canadian at the University College in central Alberta, Canada. Previous to that I studied in Michigan and Washington State. I have secretarial and office work experience, as well as three years experience working in a college library.

I applied to the University of Sheffield because it was on the list of programs accredited through the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. After receiving my placement, I reviewed the University of Sheffield website, as well as the website for the Student Union, and appreciated what I saw. Ultimately, however, my decision was mostly due to the Information Commons. The fact that a school had committed so many resources to a brand new library showed me that they valued the library field. I thought “who better to study librarianship with, then a school that values its library and information resources?”

Although the school is a large city, my program is fairly small. It means our classes are a size that allows for discussion and interaction. The department is also very supportive. There are resources for students to take advantage of, systems put in place to help students succeed.

For me, the most valuable part of my course is getting an opportunity to interact with other students from around the globe – all interested in the library and information field. Even the faculty is international – this gives the course a fairly unbiased approach. The material is applicable to the field, practical experience. And I know that I’ll be able to use it whether I get a job in the United States, Canada, or the UK.

It can be a challenge getting used to the different teaching methods. I have had a difficult time with only one or two assignments being used for the entire assessment for a module. But the information is interesting, and the projects varied. I think the Librarianship program is well designed to prepare students for a job in a library.
One of the main benefits for me studying here is the shorter timescale – although it means the program is harder, it is nice to be able to finish an MA degree in 12 months. It is also through CILIP, which means I will have an accredited and accepted degree when I am finished.

The city of Sheffield is a very fun place to explore, and there are always fun things going on, especially for students. I had never heard of the city of Sheffield before applying, so I have been amazed at how vibrant the city is, and how incredibly accepting of students. There are many different activities or events that offer student prices and stores or restaurants that provide discounts. It makes it a very comfortable place to live for students.

After I finish my course here, I am hoping to get a job working as an academic librarian at a university or college. I’ve always loved school, and although I’m looking forward to working as a librarian, I also would like to be on a school campus. There is an atmosphere of learning and knowledge – and appreciation for information that is not found in many other places. I would like to work in a place where I can keep experiencing that love of learning.

If you come to Sheffield I would recommend that the best thing to do to become comfortable here; is to get involved! There are many different groups and societies, whether academic or leisure and that is the way to make friends. Even though you are here to earn your degree, it is important to have some fun as well. Take advantage of everything that is offered on campus – from information services, to reduced price events. Almost anything is available – you just have to be willing to go and find it.