Kathleen Ferrero

BLA Landscape ArchitectureKathleen

Winner of the Study abroad Scholarshop Fall 2014

Prior to my semester at Sheffield, I studied Landscape Architecture for three years at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in the United States. I will graduate with my Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture in May 2015. I spent my 2014 summer working for a small Landscape Architecture firm near Chicago, Illinois, where I received my first experience working in the field. I'm very interested in working with other designers to improve, enhance, and maintain riverfront landscapes.

The University of Sheffield has a phenomenal Landscape Architecture program that I became interested in through another student that came to study at my home university. They have a very plant-focused program, and that really appealed to me. My love of travel combined with my interests in horticulture and design are what brought me to the University of Sheffield, where I gained new design perspectives I will draw from in my future endeavours.

I am extremely honoured to be a recipient of the Study Abroad Scholarship for the Fall 2014 semester. Acknowledgement from such a highly regarded University has truly been an unforgettable experience.I really enjoyed the planting walks that my instructors led through the Sheffield Botanic Gardens. It was such an interesting and fun way to learn plants and appreciate one of the many features that the city of Sheffield has to offer.

My experience at the University of Sheffield involved much more independent learning and working than at my home university. However, my instructors would set aside private official meeting times in order to make sure all students were making progress on projects. These were very valuable and offered opportunities for students to get to know our instructors on a more personal level.

The University of Sheffield is a wonderful learning environment set in a city full of great educational resources like museums and the Botanic Gardens. These resources are so readily available to students, and are extremely engaging learning tools. The number of different subjects available at this University make Sheffield an extremely well-rounded institution and an excellent place to receive an education.

The student union is unlike any other I have experienced. The amount and range of support they offer to students is incredible, and one of my favorite things about Sheffield student life. They advertise, host, and sponsor a number of events for all interests, and I think that is a great thing.

I hope to work with other designers to develop and enhance river landscapes across the United States. Having grown up along two rivers, I have spent a lot of time in and around these landscapes. I have a special attachment to the river landscape, and hope to one day educate others about its significance.

Utilize every resource that the city itself has to offer. Sheffield is such a unique city with a rich history, and everyone should experience these resources firsthand if given the opportunity.