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AFrica Team


Eta BotswanaEta Elnah Sarah Mosweu – BEng Civil Engineering

I came to Sheffield in 2014 to pursue my undergraduate studies and I am a 2nd year student studying Civil Engineering at the University of Sheffield. My interests include going to the gym, reading novels and occasional volunteer work. My stay in Sheffield so far has been very warm and particularly comfortable in which I have been able to discover fun activities to do such as paintballing, bowling and even laser tag. Sheffield is a fun filled place that I have come to enjoy and as a person from Botswana, I have always wanted to come to the UK to study mainly because of the cultural difference, which I have come to learn about, the different weather and landscape. I am a member of Engineers Without Borders, which is an engineering organisation that can allow you to do extra activities out of studies. I am currently a follower of Women in Engineering and the African Caribbean Society here at the university.


Ben GhanaBenjamin Afreh - PhD in Management

The University of Sheffield has an expansive research community and has excellent support systems for students. Over the last two year, the University has offered me an opportunity to the ESRC White Rose Doctoral Training Centre (WRDTC) workshops, seminar series and training activities that made me developed strong research skills and built value networks.

I have found the Management School’s PhD programme to be well-designed and structured to my aspiring career needs. I have the ambition to become a world-class researcher and it was therefore natural to choose to study in a top-hundred world university.

Today, I feel very happy having chosen to study at the University of Sheffield. The support systems here are second-to-none. I get encouragement from my supervisors, my fellow PhD students, administrative staff, the Students’ Union and the city as a whole. Study here is very interesting and challenging at the same time. I have no doubt that I am on the path to starting a fulfilling research career, and after successfully competing this doctoral thesis I know will be very equipped and stand out as a world-class researcher.


Baiju KenyaBaiju Shah- BSc in Economic and Finance

I am from Nairobi Kenya and am currently studying a Bsc in Economics and Finance and enjoying my course very much. I came to Sheffield not only because of the high quality teaching standards but also it is a friendly place and a relatively cheaper place to study. I had quite a few of my friends studying in Sheffield and when I visited them in Sheffield, I fell in love with the place. Having been in Sheffield, I have had very many opportunities presented to me which have opened up doors to areas I would never have imagined to be possible. What I like most about Sheffield is the international student life and the number of friends that I have made from all parts of the world. I look forward to seeing you all in Sheffield!

Allen KenyaAllen Arthur Ojema –MSc in Civil Engineering

I came to Sheffield from Kenya to pursue my Master’s degree in civil engineering. The University of Sheffield is recognized as a giant in the field and is currently ranked number three in the university survey held in 2016. As a student, the university has exceeded my expectations both academically and in aspects of social life. Sheffield is an amazing city with a tonne of activities that suit people from all walks of life. The city is large enough for numerous activities but is also subtle enough to allow you to focus on academics. The Peak District is a personal favourite and offers a remarkable outdoors feel and perfect ambience to relax. The living expenses of the city are also low compared to other cities in England and as a student this is a huge bonus.


MalawiAlfred Kamuyango - PhD Infection and Immunity

Other than the university’s academic ranking and being a member of the Russell group, I was drawn to Sheffield’s rich multicultural society. The university is home to some of the best minds from across the globe. I have had the privilege to learn and interact with people from various cultures that exist within the university, as well as sharing my own. The University has a conductive academic atmosphere with several libraries and numerous computer spaces. Buildings are generally close, so you don’t have to take public transport to attend a lecture. Whatever your hobbies, you’ll find something to do. If you’re like me you enjoy the outdoors, Sheffield offers plenty of green spaces including the beautiful Peak District. Or, if you like to shop, the university is ideally located close to the city centre with an abundance of shopping choices. As someone coming from the tropics, the weather in Sheffield is slightly warmer compared to other places in the UK and offers good transport links from the university to other parts of Sheffield. I know I made the right choice in coming to study at the University of Sheffield and know you will too. I look forward to meeting you.


Chineze NigeriaAlexandra Chineze Agbu - MEng Mechanical Engineering with a Year in Industry

I chose the University of Sheffield mainly because of its high ranking for my course. Before starting at the university, I attended the Sheffield International College, so I already had the opportunity to get to know the beautiful city of Sheffield. I also got to learn about the University student life, of which I couldn’t wait to be a part!

The best thing about life here is definitely the Students' Union. Everyone is really friendly, and there’s lots of support if you ever need any help. Students are from such varied backgrounds, yet somehow everyone stills feels integrated. The university also runs so many extra-curricular events, and I really like that I am able to get a great balance between my academic and social life.

Another really nice thing about Sheffield is that it is a cheap city to live in. I’m able to save a lot just because of all the free student discounts you’re entitled to here. So don't forget - always ask before paying for anything!

NkemdilimNkemdilim Abalu - MEng Chemical Engineering

I chose to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield because the course offers extensive knowledge on the design and operations of chemical processes, which are essential for a career in Chemical Engineering. The course incorporates design projects, where prospective engineers can work in teams to tackle real-world engineering problems and proffer innovative solutions, thereby giving students an opportunity to experience the daily activities of engineers. In addition, the University of Sheffield is recognized internationally for its award-winning research facilities. The idea of attaining a degree from this prestigious university was definitely among the factors that influenced my decision to study at Sheffield.

The Student Union is the best thing about life at the University of Sheffield. It incorporates a very wide range of societies, clubs, activities, and great spots for nights out, which would interest a diverse range of students, independent of their cultural or personal background. Besides this, the city, as a whole is a great place. There are various festivals and fairs throughout the year, and also lots of beautiful parks in the city and the countryside. Get involved with the various activities and societies in the Student’s union, meet people and socialize. Explore the beautiful city of Sheffield, and enjoy the full Sheffield experience.

Imoh NigeriaImoh Bassey Essien - Msc Molecular Medicine

The University of Sheffield became my first choice for further study because of the receptiveness and understanding of their customer service staff. Also, Sheffield has a representative in Nigeria. She is close by, and helps you through the things needed to apply and prepare for your life in Sheffield. I had so many questions and they were able to give an answer to my worries and all. I am a self-funded student, so my primary worry was how I will pay my fees, how to get cheap accommodation and every other thing relating to spending and I was able to get suitable plans for payment and good accommodation.

I have been exposed to new inventions, new styles of reading, time management, various cultures, new skills and a new social life. The libraries are awesome and the food is exquisite! You can also buy Nigerian foods here and it’s all affordable for my budget. The social life is amazing, with so many cultural events and different people to meet. It’s really difficult to put down in words my whole experience in Sheffield, but it’s great!

Suleiman NigeriaDr Suleiman Mshelia - MPH Public Health

I came to Sheffield in September 2016. The most recent job I had prior to commencing my studies here at Sheffield was as a research doctor with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Jigawa state, Nigeria.

The University of Sheffield was my choice for taking the MPH because of Sheffield's reputation within the University of Jos, where I did my undergraduate studies. Also I chose Sheffield for the top rating my department has in research (School of Health and Related Research). In addition, the city is welcoming and accommodating with a rich multicultural representation.

I would advise prospective to come open-minded and willing to learn new things that their previous background didn’t offer them. Be quick to adapt to the environment and be set for an exciting journey in one of UK’s most friendly cities!

South Africa

South AfricaIfedayo Banjo – MPH (Public Health Leadership & Management)

Hello there, I am from Pretoria, Gauteng. I came to Sheffield to have a feel of the UK education system and was offered a scholarship to study here. The University of Sheffield is an awesome place to be, it has a diverse range of international students to mingle with and learn from and the university has a lot of support systems and services; you’ll never lack while you’re here. In the University Of Sheffield learning takes place both in and out of the classrooms. On the fun-side, the university has numerous volunteering, social and sport clubs to join and an amazing give-it-a-go programmes that involve day trips to various parts of the UK or taking a crash course in learning a new language and much more. The city of Sheffield itself has numerous and affordable high street shops, eateries, bars, awesome nightlife and a grocery store almost at every corner. We hope to see you soon.


Asiya TanzaniaAsiya Mbarawa- BEng Computer Systems Engineering

I came to Sheffield to study computer engineering and it was one the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is it a well ranked university but the lecturers here are great and the number of resources and facilities available are perfect for a learning environment. Sheffield’s weather is quite different from Tanzania, especially Dar es Salaam but I believe it’s a good change; people from Arusha will be able to adjust easily since it’s more similar to their climate. Sheffield is an amazing city because everything is easily accessible and cost of living is quite low, and finally the people in this city are very friendly. There are plenty of things to do in Sheffield and it has a great transport system; it is easy to travel from city to city at a low cost. Sheffield really is a good choice.


UgandaCarolyn Imelda Auma – PhD in Health and Related Research

I am a PhD student at the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health. I moved to Sheffield in September 2015; before which I had lived, worked and studied in London, Nairobi and Kampala – the place that I call home. In making my decision to study for a PhD, I not only wanted to study at a reputable university, but also wanted the place at which I chose to lay the foundations for my future career to have interests that resonated with my own research interests and expectations for my future. I chose to come to the University of Sheffield because it offered me both… and then some. There are lots of things I like about studying at the University of Sheffield and living in Sheffield as a city. Sheffield is not too big that you would feel either overwhelmed or insignificant; but it isn’t too small either that you wouldn’t always find something to do or to enjoy. There is always a lot to do in the city and within the university; or if you fancy travelling, within other cities in the UK. I enjoy food, reading good fiction, travelling, hiking, poetry and theatre - and Sheffield has offered me all these, as well as an opportunity to explore things I wouldn’t have thought I might enjoy, like swing dancing! Sheffield truly is your oyster!I would say two of the things I particularly like the most about my Sheffield experience are the wealth of events, opportunities and experiences open to the students throughout the university; and the freedom to take long walks up and down the hills, enjoying the scenery - which reminds me a lot of home.


Tinashe ZimbabweTinashe Mawodza – PhD Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

I came to Sheffield University in the Autumn of 2015 and started to do my research in plant soil interactions in the Molecular Biology department. It was a daunting experience at first as I was yet to adjust to the systems and cultures of the university and country in general, however my supervisors and the fellow colleges made me feel right at home. They warmly encouraged me and always looked out for me to see how well I was adjusting and after a few weeks, it was almost like I had been here for an eternity. What I love most about the university is the sense of family and community that exists within the University that’s warm and nurturing. Apart from offering me good tuition, the university has given me the opportunity to spread my wings as an interdisciplinary researcher and I have had the opportunity to interact with high level professionals in my field as well as attend world class conferences. I was part of the team that attended the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech, Morocco where I had an unforgettable experience.

East Asia

ISA team


HuinanChinaHuinan Zeng – BA English Language and Linguistics

Choosing to study in Sheffield for my undergraduate degree is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love all of the modules in my course and the academic staff are really helpful. Inspired by my lecturers and tutors, I have decided to pursue advanced research after graduation.

The University also provides me a lot of opportunities to try out different things and prepare myself for the future. I took part in everything that interests me, from painting, archery, to dancing (argentine tango, salsa etc.). You will never feel bored here!

Sheffield is a very friendly and welcoming University to international students. There are events specifically designed for international students, including Chinese New Year celebrations! During the three years I have been in Sheffield, I have made friends from every continent all around the word. Their stories and cultures fascinate me, and help me to have a new perspective of the world. I love my life here and I am so proud of being a student in Sheffield!

JinChinaJin Yan - MA Intercultural Communication

I chose Intercultural Communication at Sheffield not only because of the academic reputation of this course, but also for my personal preference to learn more on cultural theory.

After living in Sheffield for over six months, I am glad the University provides me with fantastic experiences. On my course there are only about 30 students sitting in a classroom, which makes it possible to interact a lot with classmates and raise your own points of view with the teacher. The academic training is an amazing experience that helps challenge your mind, and view daily life in a different way.

The Students’ Union, which has ranked No.1 in the UK, provides students with lots of interesting activities. There are hundreds of societies to help you make friends with common interests. “Give it a Go” programs offer trips around the country and short-term courses to develop new skills. In Sheffield, you can find almost anything you are interested in!

NaChinaNa Song - Mplan(ug) Urban Studies and Planning

I chose to come to Sheffield because of the good reputation of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. I first did my foundation at the Sheffield International College, and that was when I really got to know the place and like it. Though I applied for several universities, I still decided to stay in Sheffield.

My time in Sheffield has been great! I did feel a bit overwhelmed during my first days, but it all went away as soon as teaching started. I became friends with flat-mates, course-mates, and people I met during Intro Week. I have learned a lot from them about their cultures and we always have a lot fun together.

For me every day in Sheffield is very enjoyable, with something to look forward to. It can be a simple day, starting with lectures or seminars in the morning, followed by lunch with friends in the Students' Union, and spending my afternoon in the library doing work. It can also be an exciting day trip to the Peak District when the weather is nice, or even just wandering around town. I think Sheffield does offer something for everyone.

XingChinaXingyu Cao – PhD in Journalism Studies

The top reason why I came to Sheffield is definitely because the Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield is one of the best in the UK. I learnt a lot through my Master's course - MA Global Journalism - which also inspired my passion for pursuing an academic career in JournalismSstudies.

Also I came to Sheffield because of the brilliant natural views here. The best part of living in such a green city is definitely having a walk in the Peak District during a sunny day! I have made many friends, both home (British) and international students, and have a better understanding of different cultures through joining the Sabrecats Stunt Cheerleading Squad. My top tip for new students coming to Sheffield is to find a sport you really enjoy, which I think is the best way to help you adjust to the new environment and make friends.

YangChinaYangfei Zhang - MA Magazine Journalism

I have had an amazing experience in Sheffield! The University has all the facilities you could ever need. There are enough libraries for studying; the Students' Union has all kinds of activities and events; and my own Department also has whole kits of journalism equipment that I can borrow. Most of all, it is a very international University and I have met students from all over the world, from very different cultural backgrounds, which helps me know more about the world.

I currently live in school accommodation, where have my flat-mates from other countries. The entire place is a very beautiful and green place to live. Both my studying and living experiences in Sheffield are absolutely fantastic!

Hong Kong

RegineHKRegine Cheung - BMedSci Speech and Language Sciences

I came to Sheffield 3 years ago and have loved every moment here. Sheffield and Hong Kong are worlds apart in every aspect imaginable! Yet I was able to adapt to living in Sheffield almost immediately because of the kindness and generosity of people here, the welcoming environment of the University, and all the resources and help I was given upon arrival.

Since being here, I have experienced many aspects University life: I lived in halls where I made a group of wonderful friends; joined a sports team (swimming and water polo); travelled around Europe on holidays with my friends. I’ve loved my course and been able to live by myself independently. Choosing to come to Sheffield was the best choice I could have made and have never looked back since!

Renee Hong Kong ISAWai Ying (Renee) FONG MENG Civil and Structural Engineering

Studying Civil Engineering in Sheffield is one of the best choices of my life! Coming to Sheffield can be a big thing, especially for some students who come from a totally different cultural background. The University offers so much help for international students. When you are in Sheffield, you can find out the Student Union has provided many opportunities for international students such as different sport teams and cultural societies.

As a member of the Hong Kong Society, it has been so easy for me to adapt the life in Sheffield with new friends from the same culture background. I am also a member of SheffSKI (Skiing Club), Walking Club and Mountaineering Club. Joining these societies provides chances for me to meet both local and international friends who share the same interests.I am sure you will enjoy your life in Sheffield and I am looking forward to see you here.

JeremyHKJeremy Poon – MA Digital Media and Society

Having completed my undergraduate course here in Sheffield (BA Urban Studies and Planning), I decided to take on a complete different route for my masters. I find social media is an extremely interesting topic to study because it seems to be quite simple, yet is actually a profound area in understanding social behaviour of people.

I also work in the Student Union as a brand ambassador, bartender and promoting team member. It is such a fun job since I have the chance to meet new people and learn so much about different cultures. We have the best Students Union in the country as well and there’re more than 400 different societies that you can choose from! I have had a blast here in Sheffield, and recommend you come here to explore the Steel City as well!


MioJapanMio Kobayashi – MA English Literature

The first time I came to Sheffield was in 2013 as an exchange student. I came back to Sheffield to do my MA this year because I liked how the students here helped each other, and people were friendly to one another.

As a student studying English Literature, the University libraries at Sheffield are like a treasure box! Being a book worm, I am very happy to get involved in a publication of a student magazine called Route 57, which is a quite exciting experience to learn about printing techniques as well as writing skills. There are numerous societies, short excursions, volunteering work you can join in here as well. The Students’ Union even as a cinema where you can watch latest films at a student-friendly price.

South Korea

DaeunKoreaDaeun (Diane) Lee - BA Business Management

I came to study Business at the University of Sheffield because the Management School provides a lot of diverse modules so that students can build up their business awareness and employability skills. On top of that, I have found a number of learning and development opportunities in Sheffield.

When I felt less confident about academic writing, the 301 Study Skills programmes helped me to improve my general academic abilities, including writing and presentation skills. Also the Career Services and Creative Media workshops helped me increase my future employability by giving useful advice on my CV and develop transferable skills.I am very grateful to be studying in Sheffield, where I could get so much support and motivation!

KyubinKoreaKyubin Do - BSc Information Technology Management for Business

I came to Sheffield to study a course which consists of both humanities and engineering, because that sort of course is extremely rare in my home country. Moreover, I wanted to stimulate and broaden my way of thinking, by meeting and getting along with people from various cultural backgrounds in the UK, which is being considered as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures.

So far, I appreciate the excellent teaching quality of the University and the great opportunities to take part in numerous events, to meet vibrant and friendly local people, and also other students. Furthermore, I would say Sheffield is the most student-friendly city in the whole country! In Sheffield, it feels like being at home to be welcomed by lovely people and to find such convenient surroundings to live as a student.

GiseonKoreaGiseon Park - MA Politics (International Relations)

The University of Sheffield is the best place for me to draw my life!

I worked for the Korean government as a Public Officer so I did not need to start another career. However, as my motto is to “live your life to the fullest!”, I longed for something new and fantastic. From being young, I have liked to meet various kinds of people over the world so, in my opinion, it would be amazing to be a student in the UK, and in Sheffield!

I wanted to study international relations profoundly, and after comparing many things, I decided to study at Sheffield because seemed to be the best university for me to study for my life, as well as my career. The University of Sheffield offers me a wide range of opportunities here in the UK.


WeiChingTaiwanWei Ching Lin - LLB(Hons) Law and Criminology

I enjoy my study in the University of Sheffield. My course is well-structured and brilliant! Sheffield has provided me with excellent study experiences and social life. The University provides extra-curricular opportunities, such as language courses, business workshops and skill-building sessions. I am currently engaged in an extra French course, religion tandem, and skills sessions. These extra activities provide me an opportunity to learn different knowledge outside of my course.

In terms of entertainment and sport, the University has the UK's number one Students' Union, with various societies, volunteering opportunities, and sport clubs on offer. I am the member of the ski club this academic year, and had an amazing ski trip in France with “Sheffski” club in December 2016.

WeiYITaiwanWei-Yi Liu - MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

I came to the University of Sheffield to study Dynamics. The Dynamic Research Group within the Mechanical Engineering Department is undoubtedly one of the fast-growing Dynamics group in the UK, providing advanced research for their prospective students. Currently, I am working on my MSc project in tandem with my taught modules under the guidance of my supervisor. It is indeed a challenging and satisfying experience.

Apart from my study, there is always something to do to balance my intensive course timetable. I particularly enjoy exploring nature and having a social life during the weekend. For example, I could be having a pint of beer with my friend on West Street, or renting a car to the beautiful National Parks in the UK, like the Lake District and more closely, the Peak District. These are not the things that I would normally attend when I was in Taiwan! Living in Sheffield does change the way I see things - I have a different perspective.

With all these experiences, I have been building up special connections between my daily life and this great city. Living in Sheffield, I have to say I enjoy every moment here in terms of social life and my studies.

Europe and Central Asia

ISA team



AazmatAzamat Ayaguzov - MA Global Security Studies

I am an international student from Kazakhstan, and I do a master degree in Global Security Studies at the University of Sheffield.
I have chosen the University of Sheffield, since it has many crucial criteria to be one of the best education centres in the UK. The university offers qualitative education with its professional tutors, impressive collection of books and e-sources in the university’s libraries, excellent and comfortable accommodation, exciting social life and the best students’ union in the UK for the last 5 years. Students easily can find support and friendly atmosphere in the university’s societies and entertainment clubs.

At the same time by choosing the University of Sheffield students will witness one of the most creative, modern, multicultural, historical and the safest cities in the UK. Moreover, the city offers fabulous theatres and museums. While, for those who like outdoor activities, there is the Peak District National Park, where students can enjoy cycling, climbing and camping. Sheffield is an easy going city with friendly local people, where everyone is welcome.


Andrea NorwayAndrea Moen - LLB Law (European and International)

My name is Andrea Moen and I am a Norwegian girl studying Law in Sheffield. England has always been a second home to me. The two first years of my life was spent in England and during my second year at upper secondary I went on an exchange year to England. The exchange year confirmed my fascination and love for this island, its people and its culture. I have always enjoyed travelling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It
therefore felt very natural to me to go abroad to study and live. It was also because of that reason that I decided to study something international and therefore decided to do European and International Law. Sheffield is one of a few universities in the United Kingdom, let alone England that offers a Law course with an emphasis on International Law.
In addition, Sheffield is a vibrant and urban city, and at the same time the greenest city in Europe. Sheffield is not far away from other cities, such as Leeds, York and Manchester, and the city is only a couple of hours on the train to London. It is in other words very easy to travel to other parts of the country. With great libraries, excellent university staff and a city bursting of student life, there is something for everyone.

kayaKaja Bjelke – BA Journalism Studies

I chose Sheffield because it’s the only UK University accredited by all three professional bodies (NCTJ,BJCT and PPA), which is hugely beneficial when you are looking for a job as a graduate in journalism. The course covers print, broadcast, multimedia and web journalist, which prepares you for any job in the field. Not only does the course have a great reputation, but the university is also voted number one for student experience, which is another thing that was really important to me. For me, the most enjoyable thing about studying my subject at Sheffield is that the lecturers are all professionals in their field, many of them coming straight from the industry to teaching. They treat you as a colleague, and therefore expect a professional standard from you. The journalism department has some of the
best of equipment, which you can hire out for free. Sheffield also has a great independent newspaper called Forge Press, and a radio and TV-station which you can easily become a part of. The department also has a good range of places for work placements, which helps you make connections and get experience between the semesters.
The best thing about life at University here is that Sheffield is a great city for students, both educationally and socially. As a city university, you are always close to the city centre, shops and cafe's, which was important to me as I am from a city myself. It is not as big as London but Sheffield will definitely give the ultimate UK university experience, if that is something you prioritise when applying to university.


sudeSude Ozdemir- BA International Relations and Politics

I am currently a second year student at the University. I chose to study at Sheffield due to the quality of the renowned Politics department and the university’s international outlook. From them moment I received an offer, I encountered opportunities and support which ultimately convinced me to study here. Since arriving at Sheffield I have joined various societies such as the Model United Nations Society, the Turkish Society and Sheffield Volunteering and I hope to do even more for the remainder of my course. My advice to anyone who is interested in studying at Sheffield is to really explore what the university has to offer to the maximum whether it is related to your course or extra curriculum activities.


olgaOlga Andreeva – Master of Public Health (Leadership and Management)

I have decided to come to the University of Sheffield to do my master course and happy with this decision every single day. This course is a unique combination of disciplines and fully answers my needs for future career. The level of teaching is on high level, the cohort of the course is international, includes representatives from more than 20 countries, and learning process is interactive and engaging.
Sheffield is extremely nice, green and student friendly city. The university is located next to the city centre and it is easy to access all facilities: shops, gym and park. The cost of living is lower than in London around 25%. Sheffield is located next to the biggest national park and it is nice to go for hiking on weekends and around the country.

Middle East and North Africa

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mena team


emanEman Albalooshi - MA in Applied Linguistics with TESOL

I specialised in teaching English as a second language because I wanted to break all the barriers between people and give them a sense of unity and belonging. Studying in Sheffield has opened a lot of doors to my future. The resources here are abundant and the study atmosphere encourages excellence. This multicultural city encouraged me to make friends from all over the world; that helped me understand the meaning of unity and accepting people for who they are, and learning from their different experiences. As a member of the Sign Language Society at the university, and with a particular interest in special education, I can say that the University of Sheffield offers a lot of constant support to students with special needs. The services offered can range from lecture note-taking services to support in social events. It was so moving seeing all the students with special needs and without having fun in the university’s social events. The University of Sheffield succeeded in uniting its students despite their backgrounds and their abilities, which surpasses anything I have witnessed elsewhere.


ali125Ali Hegazy - BEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering

I attended high school at the international department in Al-Salam Private Language School in Egypt. I spent three years doing my General Certificate of Education. Also I spent two academic years studying mechatronics at the German University in Cairo, which broadened my knowledge about the course and provided me with a solid foundation which allowed me to make direct entry to the second year at the University of Sheffield. The University of Sheffield is considered as one of the best universities in the UK since its member of the Russel group. In addition, Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering belongs to the Automatic control and Systems Engineering Department (ACSE) which is rated as one of the best control departments in Europe. The University offers a high quality education and a lot of practical applications related to my study which help me to improve my engineering skills in order to achieve my goals towards getting my dream job as a systems engineer.

egyptMohamed Elsayed – MSc in Sustainable Architecture

I am studying a Masters in Sustainable Architecture in the School of Architecture. My interest in exploring sustainability began during my undergraduate studies, especially when I was working on my graduation project. Later, I got even more interested in all the subjects concerning sustainability and related issues. I was keenly interested in studying sustainable architecture in the UK, as it is well known to be a center for technological education and research in Europe, especially in the field of architecture and studying in the UK is considered to be a great opportunity for any serious researcher. It will be a privilege for me to gain up to date knowledge and acquire professional experience from renowned professors with established expertise. The University of Sheffield meets all my aspiration, with its excellent reputation and by offering a high quality of teaching and an excellent learning environment.


donyaDonya Yazdani - PhD in Computer Science

I am doing a PhD in computer science and my studies involve runtime analysis of bio-inspired algorithm, particularly artificial immune systems. Prior to my PhD studies, I completed my Bachelor and Master studies in Information Technology at Azad University, Iran. For the latter, I won the top student award. When I am not doing research (which happens rarely as I sincerely enjoy what I am doing!), I go for walks around the city to explore new places. I also follow the Student Union “Give it a go!” programme frequently and if there are no close deadlines, I go for the day trips around UK.

HEliaHelia Nazari – BA Politics and International Relations

I am a final year student of politics and international relations in the University of Sheffield. During the past three years I experienced the happiest moments of my life. I have been a busy student during my undergraduate degree at the university. I have been active in the Persian society as well as the Politics society and AIESEC. However university and its activities are not the only things I love about my life for the past three years, the city of Sheffield itself is a small adorable place to live and meet your friends. It is a small city but you do not miss out on anything, while saving so much time and money by living close to university and enjoying university facilities. The choice of choosing Sheffield and coming here has changed my life and myself in every possible way and I cannot imagine myself choosing any other place to live and love.


Tareq125Tareq Omairi - PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Prior to pursuing my PhD here, I obtained my BSc in Microbiology from Tikrit University in Iraq, where I graduated ranking the first in the Faculty of Science. Later, I finished my MSc Degree with Distinction in Medical Microbiology within the same university. After that, I worked as an academic assistant-tutor for two years in the University of Soran, Erbil, before finally being awarded a fully-funded scholarship from the Iraqi government to finish my studies in the UK.I made the decision to complete my studies in the University of Sheffield because of its well-renown status as a world-leading university, internationally recognized for research excellence. The Molecular Biology and Biotechnology department, which I am currently based at, is arguably one of the most successful Bioscience research departments across the UK and globally, with pioneering new approaches being developed for some of the important questions in molecular biology and genetics research.


zeinabZeinab Kassem – BEng Civil Engineering

Once I decided that I wanted to study civil engineering, Sheffield was where I wanted to study. Now that I am in my last year, I don’t regret making that decision at all. For three years Sheffield has been my home, and I don’t feel like I am ready to leave. This small city grows on you, and you start to feel part of a community. While considering a university’s ranking is very important, you should also consider the place you will spend the next years of your life in. I am very happy with my decision because I am not only graduating as a competent engineer, but also as a well-rounded student.


waddhaWadhha Al Busaidi – MA in Digital Media and Society

I came to Sheffield following my dreams. Since I graduated from my undergraduate course I began to think about doing my postgraduate studies. When I finally got the chance by being offered a scholarship through the Minister of Higher Education in Oman, It took the time to search for one of the best universities that offers a masters in digital media from a high ranking university. I was searching for a place that would be safe, where I could find Halal food and that was multicultural. The University of Sheffield met my search criteria. It is one of 100 top universities in UK and the world and it is international, a place where you can meet people from different cultures. Not just that, they have many activities were you can improve your skills or gain new skills. Sheffield feels safe and it is not very expensive compared to London and other cities in UK, and there is an active society for Omanis. If you were thinking of studying abroad let The University of Sheffield be in your searching list.

North America and South America

ISA team



Turpin BrazilLaura Yoshimoto Turpin - BA Journalism Studies

My name is Laura and I'm 21. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I've been studying in Sheffield since January 2015. I did a foundation course in the University of Sheffield International College for 8 months and then started university in September 2015.
I'm currently in the second year of my undergraduate Journalism Studies.
I went straight from high school in Brazil to college in Sheffield and even though it was a very fast change my time at college did help me adapt, understand more about British culture and get to know Sheffield better.
England and Brazil differ in a lot of things. The weather, unfortunately, especially. But with time you get used to it and if you don't - just buy lots of coats!


KristinajanaCanadaKristijana Vidovic - LLB Law

I came to Sheffield because it is the greenest area in England. People here are very welcoming and friendly. The University of Sheffield is very multicultural and it offers many different clubs and societies that you can be a part of to continue doing what you enjoy - or try something new with Give it a Go!. Our Student Union is the best in the country, it is a place where students can come in and relax on their busy days. The School of Law and its members are very welcoming and helpful. They offer useful advice with regards to the career paths you choose. It also has law societies which host variety of different events such as, winter and summer balls, career events, mooting competitions, etc. The Law School building is not shared with any other department and has many successful graduates. The classes and seminars prepare law students for the legal world. Studying here has improved my thinking, research, and critical skills. Overall, coming to study here is the best decision I have made.

Malaika CanadaMalaika Henriques - LLB Law and Criminology

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada and I came to Sheffield after doing a year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I did a year abroad through Queen’s where I came to discover how much I loved living in the United Kingdom. After spending a year away, I knew that if I were to ever continue my studies in England I would have to find a city which would fulfil my need to live in a city while not feeling overwhelmed. I stumbled across Sheffield by a recommendation from a family friend and I am loving it here. Despite all the hills, Sheffield offers a social life for any type of person and with such friendly people. The University of Sheffield offers the support I need especially for a course as demanding as Law and the University of Sheffield is a perfect fit for me.


Esteban ColombiaEsteban Sanchez - MA Intercultural Communication and International Development

I came to Sheffield to get a high quality educational experience. However, when I arrived here, I realised that the Sheffield adventure goes far beyond education. The University offers a whole set of societies and activities that allow students to enjoy the city right from the start. I began to share amazing experiences with new students since week one. Initially, I was encouraged to sign up for a “Give it a Go” French course that developed my interest for language learning. I started to regularly attend the events of the Latin American Society, where I found an incredibly friendly and enthusiastic Latino community at the University. Being part of these groups made me immediately feel part of a welcoming environment.
I was amazed by the study facilities and by the high quality of the teachers. I really found myself studying hard, but the University has also offered me the opportunity to find alternative activities - so that all the hard work is compensated with a little bit of fun. I came here initially to study, and I am pleased with all that I have learned in my lectures and seminars and through independent study. Nevertheless, I now see this experience as a whole, where studying becomes part of the whole of a lifestyle at the University of Sheffield.


Jose MExicoJose Ramirez - MSc Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

I came to Sheffield because I was interested in having a double package: an abroad experience and a master’s degree.
First of all, by having an abroad experience, you really get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds and even though you are familiarized with the idea of Muslim or Chinese people, for example, by having a real face-to face experience, totally enriches you as a person and makes you being more open-minded and tolerant.
On the other hand, in the competitive and hard world we are facing nowadays, we really need to have an academic “extra”. This is the reason, why I applied for a master. This would give me the chance to be employed by a Mexican or any other international enterprise.
Now, why I chose Sheffield? To be honest, before I started doing the research about universities and postgraduate programs, I didn’t know anything about Sheffield. However, after some minutes reading about it, I really fell in love with the University. It offers a complete experience: the academic part as well as the University life, and all of this in the Steel City, a city that offers young people a lot of options to have fun but also to be employed.

Samantha MExicoSamantha Abrego – PhD Mechanical Engineering

I came to Sheffield in September 2013 to do a master’s degree in ‘’Advanced manufacturing technologies’’ and I have been living in Sheffield for 3 years. The reason why I choose Sheffield was because I have heard from friends that it was an excellent option to live and study and indeed I could tell this during my first year. I liked it here so much that now I’m doing a PhD in the Mechanical Engineering Department. One of the things that I really like about Sheffield is the green areas that you can enjoy even though you are in the University, and the people are really nice. The cost of living is good too - the city is not that expensive in comparison with others cities within the UK.

Sandra MexicoSandra Barragan - MSc Environmental Change and International Development

I came to Sheffield to achieve my dream of studying a master degree in one of the top -100 best universities of the world. Learning about international development issues in the University of Sheffield has exceeded my expectations, as my course and department have provided me with all the facilities needed to improve my skills and knowledges. Apart from that, I chose Sheffield as my destination because of its friendly environment that allows students from worldwide to interact with each other. What I have enjoyed the most so far is getting involved in all the activities and sports that the university offers, being part of the University of Sheffield Women Basketball Team and joining the Latin America Society has given me the opportunity to meet many people and make friends for a lifetime.


carloCarlo Alessandro Vidal Miranda – BA International Business Management

I came to Sheffield in order to fulfil my life-long dream of studying in the UK. I had very high expectations that have not only met but been exceeded. I chose The University of Sheffield for three main reasons. Firstly, because of its prestige, as it belongs to the Russell Group. Secondly, because of the facilities it offers to their student. For instance, in 2015, the University opened the Diamond building, where it had invested £81 million. This place and the 24/7 Information Commons are the best place to study for me. Thirdly, and more related to my course, because of the Triple Crown accreditation that the Management School possesses, implying that it belongs to the top one per cent of business and management schools worldwide.
When I first came here, I was amazed by how different aspects of life differ from the life I was used to in Peru. Nonetheless, it was a nice change of pace because it allowed me to appreciate small things that in Peru I would have probably ignored. Furthermore, in studying here I have had the opportunity to make connections from all over the world, which I truly believe it will benefit me in the future. I encourage everyone to study in the UK because it helps you mature as a person, it provides you with a different experience when analysing things and, more importantly, allows you to expand your horizons. What is more, many people believe that Latin American school qualifications are not enough for a University in the UK. However, there is the possibility of doing a Foundation Year. Therefore, studying in the UK is an opportunity that is definitely within your reach.


John USAJohn O’Brien – MA Cities and Global Development

I came to Sheffield to study Cities and Global Development, a course specifically designed to get a better understanding of our cities are developing in what is commonly referred to as the Global South. Besides the program, which happens to be run by one of the nation’s top urban studies and planning schools, I was interested in coming to Sheffield for what I had read about the city before coming over. A former industrial city, Sheffield seemed like it would be an interesting place to live in and explore while letting me get a perspective of England away from the familiar stories I had heard from people visiting London. Sheffield, however, has lived up to and surpassed any expectations I might have had: with a city feel, a local village atmosphere, and the comfortable proximity of the countryside, Sheffield has a little something to offer everyone.

Julia USAJulia Kreger - MA Public Policy and Governance

I’m from Minneapolis, MN. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2011 with my BA in English. After graduating, I worked as an Au Pair in Geneva, Switzerland. This experience solidified my love of being abroad and altered my career aspirations. I knew that I wanted to get my Masters in a political field and that I wanted to continue my education overseas.
I spent a great deal of time searching programs and schools before I found Sheffield. I was most interested in finding a university that ranked high in student satisfaction, employability after graduation, international community, and course rigour. Ultimately, I only applied to Sheffield because I knew it was a perfect fit for everything I was looking for.
One of the main reasons I selected Sheffield was for the opportunity to learn alongside students from all over the world. The student body here is 25% international; I have met incredible people from all over the world and learned things about countries and cultures that I never would have imagined. Modules are lead in a seminar format, so everyone has the opportunity to share and contribute their own cultural insight.
After I was accepted, the prospect of going overseas for a year was daunting; leaving my fiancé, dogs, friends, and family behind was not something I took lightly. I know it is not an easy choice to make but you will find so many kind and understanding people here in Sheffield and so many fun things to do. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t be more grateful to be here. I’m excited about everything that I am learning inside and outside of the classroom and I’m extremely grateful for all of the resources provided by the University to support me and offer me numerous opportunities to enrich my experience here as a student and a member of the community.

South Asia

ISA team



MahabuBanlgadeshMahabuba Binta Hossain - MSc Translational Oncology

I came to Sheffield for enhancing my knowledge in Cancer science. Though as a Medical graduate it was quite difficult for me to choose such a specific course. But I found myself lucky to be here. It seems dreamy to be accomplished with vast knowledge and practical work to cure Cancer. Most importantly, the best thing is to find your surroundings as informative as cooperative. The Students Union is the best union among all universities of UK and certainly a lot of fun activities never make me feel bored. Moreover, nature lovers are bound to love Sheffield, the green beauty of hills, the monuments of history will add a memorable experience in your life.


abhinav IndiaAbhinav Paul Kongari – BEng Mechanical Engineering w/yr in Industry

Sheffield has the perfect balance between social and academic life. Ranging from state of art facilities to diverse culture, Sheffield attracts talents from all around the world in each and every field. My primary reason for choosing Sheffield was the brilliant engineering programme with a year in industry as a part of its course because I would be gaining industrial experience along with my studies.
My time in Sheffield has been amazing. I’ve been a part of loads of amazing committees like the International Students’ Committee and the Events Management Committee, organised events such as International Languages Festival, International Culture Evening and World Week, represented the University in multiple competitions, worked on projects such as building a submarine and train and I still have 2 years left at the University. My primary message is that when you are at the University, there are exceptional talents and awesome opportunities around you, some which you shall remember throughout your life so go out, experience, fulfil all your dreams.
For me, every experience in Sheffield has been priceless however, the best things to experience would be going out for a hike to Peak district, sunbathing in the Peace Gardens, participating in the World Week Parade with the Samba Band and watching the thrilling varsity Ice Hockey match between lifelong rivals Sheffield Hallam and The University of Sheffield.

apeakIndiaApeksha Bhalla - Master’s in Public Health

I came to Sheffield to study Masters in Public Health from India. I have a background of microbiology and I am studying this course to be able to apply my knowledge in raising awareness. I chose university of Sheffield because it offered me a scholarship of 50% tuition fee which was a great support to my studies. Apart from this I needed an international exposure and friendly teaching staff which is what I have experienced here so far. The best part of studying here is the experience of interacting with people with from different parts of the world and exchanging different ideas. Also the stay at the university accommodation has been safe and has helped me become independent. Furthermore, there are different societies at the university of which I am a part of and have helped me develop my communication skills and networking skills. I truly rejoice my stay at the university and have beautiful memories to take back home.

OaangIndiaOMANG KHURANA - M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management

The primary reason why I chose the university of Sheffield over all other universities in the United Kingdom is the high level of flexibility available in the course that I am pursuing as it gives the opportunity to design my engineering skills the way I fancy them to be along with core managerial techniques which an engineer must have. My time here at Sheffield as a city (metropolitan borough) and the university has been pleasant. From the academic point of view, MOLE is a tool that gives me the freedom to access my personalised study material anytime and anyplace. All module leaders are prompt and update the course every year for the best knowledge exchange. The 24/7 study space and library at the diamond and Information Commons (silent, group and open) are something which quite unique along with the online library and study resources make the life of any student very easy. I am living in Endcliffe university accommodation which is about 2 miles from the university but the transport facilities are convenient to access and distances are not too big. Last but not the least this is a world top 100 university for the above reasons and more.

PnakajIndiaPankaj Snehi - BSc Information Technology Management for Business with Employment Experience

I came to Sheffield to study Information Technology Management for Business for an undergraduate course in September 2013. I initially came here for 3 years but decided to do an industrial placement in London for a year. My time in Sheffield has been very interesting as the course is very exciting and there has been an excellent opportunity to develop skills and meet new people. Sheffield was an obvious choice for me as it’s in top 100 universities in the world, has a great employer reputation, the university has a big emphasis on research and has the best student’s union in the UK. For anyone coming to Sheffield, my top tip will be to have an open mind and embrace as many opportunities as you can. The university invests a lot in students and we can make the most out of it by taking part in part time jobs, sports, cultural activities etc.

SamIndiaSamraghni Bonnerjee — PhD in English Literature

I arrived in Sheffield in September 2014, to read for a PhD in English Literature.
My greatest motivation to come to Sheffield was the opportunity to work under my supervisors, who are not only highly respected specialists in their research areas, but are also extremely supportive of my work. As a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, I have had the chance to work on a desired area of research with the best facilities and doctoral support (most notably the excellent services of the University Library and the numerous research seminars and research groups); and through the Doctoral Developmental Portal, I have been able to undertake additional training in research skills through seminars, training sessions, and modules. Based at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, I have been provided with the tools to make my research truly interdisciplinary. It is through the training and several funding options, that I have had the opportunity to present in over eight national and international conferences and get published; and through work placements in the summer, I have had the occasion to hone a different set of skills in addition to research.
Whenever deadlines have been overwhelming, the city has provided a respite. As a voracious film-watcher, I take full advantage of the students’ discounts in all the cinemas in the city, and especially haunt the Student Union’s remarkable cinema, Film Unit. As a fierce lover of western classical music, one of the most surprising discoveries I made after moving here, was that all classical concerts in the city were massively subsidised for students. My personal favourite is the university’s very own Concerts, a regular fixture at the majestic Firth Hall, organising excellent classical, jazz, contemporary and swing music.
At Sheffield I have found a stimulating cohort, a very supportive, nurturing, and enlightening research environment, and vast opportunities to nurture non-academic passions.

vameshindiaVamesh Jajoo – MEng Mechanical Engineering

Hello, I am Vamesh Jajoo and I come from Indore, India. It's a moderately-sized city not unlike Sheffield which is probably why I feel at home here. I am a third year mechanical engineering student and choosing the University of Sheffield has been one of the best decisions of my life.
I chose the University of Sheffield because it is one of the best places to study Mechanical Engineering (it is ranked 3rd in the UK according to the Times Good University Guide 2014 and ranked 84th overall by the QS World University Rankings). Moreover, it also has an award winning student union. This ensured that I won't be compromised academically while also being able to get actively involved in student life giving me a well-rounded university experience.
Such an intensive takes up lots of time and time management is essential. Outside academia, I am a part of SELA (Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy), a Student Mentor and a Student Ambassador. Making the most of your opportunities is important and the University of Sheffield allows you to do so. I was able to secure a research internship last summer and the university as well as the facilities it provided had a lot to do with it. As they say: Carpe Diem!


MIslamPakistanMuhammad Faraz Imam - MSc Advance Electric Machines, Power Electronics and drives

I completed my undergraduate studies from Bahauddin Zakariya University Pakistan and currently studying Masters in Advance Electric Machines, Power Electronics and drives. After completion of my undergraduate studies I wanted to join in researching and developing of project with word best academics, scientist and researchers in the field of Electrical engineering therefore I decided to apply in various UK universities.
The main reason for selecting University of Sheffield for my Master studies was its Machines and drives group which is best in UK for its research. Companies like Rolls Royce and Siemens have their research centres in my department last but not least university gave me tuition fee waiver in the form of scholarship which influence my decision of choosing this university.
Teaching style in University of Sheffield is extraordinary they arrange lot of tutorials and revision classes for the students to have good conceptual grip of their respective modules. Study place like diamond and Information common are open 24/7 to give student access to computers, study spaces and books.
University of Sheffield would be wise choice if you wanted to achieve high standard degree with lifetime experience and I would strongly recommend you to come here and study for your respective degree.

Muhamed PakistanMuhammad Mohsin Saleem - MENG Materials Science and Engineering

I came to Sheffield and I believe this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have lived in Pakistan for eighteen years ever before my Sheffield journey began. I completed my schooling at Beaconhouse School System, an institution which I stepped into in September 2000 and graduated completing my GCE A Level in 2016. I had always dreamed and worked enthusiastically towards being able to secure admission into a top hundred university. The University of Sheffield helped this dream come true.
As everyone else I also went through the daunting process of university applications and later on choosing the right university. The University of Sheffield was ultimately my final choice as the Faculty of Engineering at Sheffield was one of the largest and top ranked faculties in the UK. The methods of teaching implied at the university and the fact that much of the learning is based on practicality rather than conceptuality was pretty exciting. The facilities being offered at the university campus such as the career counselling, 24/7 libraries, the presence of personal tutors were pretty impressive. Most importantly the department of Materials Science and Engineering, being one of the founding departments of the university was a great attraction since it holds a great reputation for the world leading academics that teach us and the grounding research that is being carried out within the department.
Yet a few months ago I didn’t expect my life to change that much and in such positive way! What I’d recommend to anyone is just take all your positive energy, enthusiasm and passion, choose the course you are interested in and be the engineer of your life! The University of Sheffield is a place that will certainly support you, and will give you amazing opportunities. You will also meet number of amazing friends from all over the world.

Sri Lanka

LakshithSriLankaLakshith Ranasinghe - MENG Mechanical Engineering with a year in Industry

I first arrived in Sheffield in 2014 to continue my higher education; I had chosen to take up a MENG in Mechanical Engineering with a year in industry at the University of Sheffield as it was a World Top 100 university with excellent links to industry and high levels of research undertaken.
It was my first time in the UK and the idea of being thousands of miles from home made me slightly nervous however the city of Sheffield along with everyone I met made me feel very welcome and at ease. I found a little piece of home with the Sri Lankan society and a year later I was elected as the President. My committee and I carried out many socials so as to ease the incoming freshers into life at Sheffield. We also collaborated with other national and cultural societies so as to give everyone a multicultural experience.
I was also a part of Shell Eco Marathon, a competition where teams from all over the world endeavoured to design the most fuel efficient vehicle possible. I designed the Steering, Wheels & Brakes system for our concept vehicle which is being currently manufactured for the competition held in London in June 2017.
Currently I am a part of the International Students Committee and Societies Committee where I work with students from all parts of the world to better integrate the international community by means of various multi-cultural events and campaigns they are passionate about.

South East Asia

ISA team


BruneiNurul Bahriah Afiqah Binti Haji Matali –BSc in Biomedical Science

I am a second year biomedical science student at this university. I love the way my course is being taught and how I gain so much experience from it. Other than my studies, I also enjoy the student life here, and the city itself is quite magical and beautiful to explore and I love going on an adventure in different parts of the city every weekend. The community here is great, the international student support here is amazing and I’ve made lots of great acquaintances here. Even the feeling like home in Brunei is also possible since we do have our own society and it feels like we are a part of a big family here in Sheffield. We also host events every now and then so homesickness was never an issue for me. There is always something for everyone here to enjoy whether you’re an outgoing person or not: from having a cup of coffee at one of the cosy cafes in Sheffield to very lively night outs.


IndriIndonesiaIndri Hapsari – PhD in Human Communication Sciences

I came to Sheffield all the way from Indonesia to pursue research in the speech and language areas. I decided to choose the University of Sheffield because of the research reputation and the diversity of its students. The first time I opened the website, the tag-line “We Are International” was etched in my mind, and the next thing I read was that the University of Sheffield’s Student Union had been awarded several times in a row as having the best service. Those were the things that attracted me to finally choose this university, because there is already a sense that people take care of one another here, and whatever you go through with your studies, you will be able to complete your goals with all the support available around you. I’m now in my 5th month of being in Sheffield, I can say that the experience was everything I had expected and even more. People are friendly, parks are everywhere, and every service here seems to be geared toward helping the students to focus on their studies and enjoy their day-to-day life. Sheffield is perfect for students.


HueyMalaysiaHuey Ying Chong – MSc Occupational Psychology

I come Johor Bahru in Malaysia. I graduated from University of Sheffield with a BSc in Psychology and I am currently doing my postgraduate studies in the same university. I chose to stay in Sheffield because of my familiarity with this friendly city and also because of the university’s reputation as one of the Russell Group universities. The university’s Student Union definitely lives up to its title as the No.1 Student Union in the UK and there are 24/7 university library facilities, which are all within walking distance. Aside from that, the International Team of the university is extremely supportive and we have various international events going on all year round, with one of the biggest being the annual International Cultural Evening (ICE). Moreover, the city is never short of Asian food supplies, which is a double yay for me. Besides, we have a huge family of Malaysians here. I still find it surprising to overhear students conversing in our own slangs and the Malaysian societies in the university are very active with events and getting all the Malaysians together, you will never be bored! To sum it all up, Sheffield is an amazing city with so much to offer – a balance between your studies and fun, taking day trips out to cities around or even a hiking trip to the nearby Peak District National Park!

MohdMalaysiaRaziq Khirudin –MEng Electrical Engineering

I came to Sheffield to study a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (4 year course). I chose Sheffield in the first place because its engineering department is really strong and well-known. It is among the best in the world and The University of Sheffield is ranked as a Top 100 University in the world. Living in Sheffield for the past three years has been the best period in my life. For an international student like me, Sheffield really feels like home. It offers a wonderful student experience not just in terms of academic studies but also in terms of extracurricular activities. The Students’ Union is number one in the UK and it offers a lot of things to support student’s activities and I enjoy spending my time here by joining various types of activities. The environment in Sheffield feels very welcoming and people here are very warm and that’s what makes me love my time here.

xioamalaysiaTay Xiao Rou - MEng Chemical Engineering

I’m Xiao Rou from Malaysia and I’m a 2nd year Chemical Engineering student. On weekdays I attend lectures, labs and design projects for my course. During my free time I join activities held by the Student Union. Our Student Union is ranked number one for the past eight years in the UK – and that means there’s plenty of opportunities to try new things. For example I’ve been volunteering at a local community centre in Sheffield, mainly to help the local children with their homework. I’m also an active member of the Malaysian Society where different events are held constantly throughout the year, such as Sheffield Malaysian Games, Sheffield Malaysian Night, Malaysian Food Festival and more. Sometimes I head to the peak district which is just 1 hour bus tour away for a nice stroll or climb. In short, Sheffield is a wonderful place to study and was voted as top for social life for three years running. If you’re someone who loves a chill vibe like me, Sheffield is the place for you!


SharmSingaporeSharmaine Chan – LLB (Hons) Law

In deciding a university to complete my law degree, I chose to study in Sheffield as I had many colleagues that were already at the university, making it a lot easier to get around and familiarise myself with the environment. The versatility that my course gives allows me to build a solid foundation of the law before deciding which area to specialise in. The willingness and dedication of lecturers have greatly enabled me to enhance my learning experience in Sheffield.
My decision to study in Sheffield has greatly rewarded me, with the vast amount of outdoor activities in the beautiful Peak District, which is a stone’s throw away from the city. In addition, the Students Union (SU) has been ranked first for the 8th year in a row by Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey. The SU offers a plethora of activities from over 300 clubs including volunteering and aiding students in finding suitable part time jobs. Being a part of the Singapore Society has also given me the opportunity to keep in touch with other Singaporeans and expose other students to ourselves. Lastly, the #weareinternational campaign in Sheffield serves as a timely reminder that our University is made up of people from across the globe by enabling us to learn about the different types of culture and traditions. Sheffield is a university with promising opportunities and experiences in terms of learning and having fun, one which I know I will hold close to my heart once I leave.


ThailandNanthanat Saengthong -LLM Corporate and Commercial Law

I am a Masters student of law at the University of Sheffield. I chose Sheffield because of the city. The reasons being are people here are nice and friendly. The city feels safe like my home, even if it is far away from my country. The study here is what most impressed me.; every study has a personal tutor who is always here to help me to get through any problem in both, study and life. Lastly, there are many clubs and activities to join. I do love sport and the history walks.


ThoVietnamThi Bich Tho Nguyen – BA Landscape Architecture

First and foremost, the reason that I chose the University of Sheffield is that it has a long time reputation with high-ranking academic status. When I first came to Sheffield, everything here was totally strange to me. Especially, the weather in the UK is different with that in those Asian countries, in Vietnam I had never seen snow before. There are many societies here that you can take your part in; this is such a great opportunity for you to make friends from all over the world. I have joined up the walking club in the Student Union, we host the walking event twice a month to every corner of Sheffield.