International Student Ambassadors 2018

Pictures of the international student ambassadors

International students at The University of Sheffield know better than anyone what it's like to leave their home country and study with us. Our International Student Ambassadors are here to share their experiences of applying to and studying at the University of Sheffield. Please click on the regions and countries below to find out more about the students in our International Ambassador team.

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Benjamin Afreh - Phd in Management

I chose to undertake my doctoral study (PhD) at the University of Sheffield for many reasons. The Management School’s programme looked well-designed and structured to meet my aspiring career needs. Former students confirmed the rigorous nature of the programme would prepare me to produce independent, original research relevant to my chosen field of interest. As I aim to become a world-class researcher, it was natural to choose to study in a top-hundred world university like Sheffield. It also has an expansive research community and excellent support systems for both local and international students. I’d tell any student considering Sheffield to take that bold step into greatness! Many others have taken this decision before you. Through the knowledge and experience they acquired here in Sheffield, they have gone on to shine and make an immense positive impact on the world.


Williams Duah - MSc Engineering, Process Safety and Loss Prevention

I’ve previously worked with leading global companies including Newmont Gold Corporation, Adcock Ingram and Loders Crooklan Oil before coming to the University of Sheffield last year to commence this Masters programme. I chose Sheffield primarily for its high academic standing; specifically, the international reputation of the Department, as well as the course structure which is in line with my career plans. Course accreditations from IChemE and the Health and Safety Executive are another few of the reasons for my choice. My favourite things about Sheffield include the extensive free advisory services provided by the Students’ Union; the numerous societies to join and socialise; the Careers Service; and the twenty-four-hour library services that make life very easy. I’m extremely happy and proud to have made the choice to study at Sheffield and recommend the University to everyone.



Baiju Shah - BSc Economics with Finance

I’m from Nairobi in Kenya and am currently studying undergraduate economics with finance. I’m enjoying my course very much! I came to Sheffield not only because of the high-quality teaching standards, but also it is a friendly place and a relatively cheaper place to study. I had quite a few friends studying in Sheffield. When I visited them, I fell in love with the place and its greenery. Since living here, I’ve had many opportunities which have opened up doors to areas I would never have imagined being possible. I’ve had the chance to meet and network with top professionals in a wide range of disciplines. What I like most about Sheffield is the student life as an international student, and the number of friends I’ve made from all parts of the world. I look forward to seeing you all in Sheffield soon!


Qillian Saiya - BEng Civil Engineering

I am currently a second-year student and I love dancing, blogging and occasionally going to the gym. I chose Sheffield mainly because it was highly ranked for my course. However, choosing Sheffield has come to be one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve made new friends from all over, helping me appreciate the different cultures the world has to offer. Being an engineering student, the University has programs that enable students from different fields to work together and come up with real-life solutions to problems. I find this very interesting since it gives you experience of how things may be in work after graduating. In addition to studying, Sheffield has a lot of recreational activities that one could do. These include activities like trampolining, paintballing and bowling, just to mention a few. There is something for everyone in Sheffield!


Titus Kuhora - BA Business Management

I’m a second-year student from Nairobi, Kenya and coming to Sheffield has been the best experience of my life. Being able to engage in various activities has really helped me to develop as a person and build up life-long experiences. Coming from high school, where I was an active participant in sporting events, the University of Sheffield has enabled me to participate in these activities at a higher level. Through sport I’ve made amazing friends, and developed my leadership and teamwork skills. I’ve also been able to join other societies, such as AIESEC. With the Students’ Union having over three-hundred societies, there’s a wide range of activities to do. I believe that university is all about experiences and being able to develop, not only academically, but also internally. Being a Sheffield student has helped me become a much more outgoing person.


Vishnu Patel- MEng Civil and Structural Engineering

I am currently a second-year student from Kenya and my experience at the University of Sheffield has been a unique. It’s something I will always remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Studying away from your home country is a weird and wonderful experience. You have the opportunity to become more independent and learn new things that you would have never imagined learning before. Sheffield is a truly global university with students from countries all around the world. I would have never imagined I’d meet so many different people from diverse cultures and backgrounds! In my opinion, this is what makes Sheffield a great university.



Ifedayo Ayodeji - BEng Bioengineering

Choosing the University of Sheffield was the best choice I could have made because by being able to experience various activities and learn from other people, I’m able to find my identity. Living in Sheffield has exposed me to opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. It’s a culturally diverse city; I’m surrounded by people from all over world with different backgrounds who are open to share their culture and most especially, food. Being the African Representative for the International Students Committee (ISC), I meet people I wouldn’t have met on a normal day. As a member of the Women in Engineering (WIE) Society, I’m able to encourage young girls to study engineering. Living here alone improved my fitness without joining the gym, by having to walk up and down the hills of this beautiful city every day! I’ve also had the opportunity to try out all kinds of different sports whenever I want to with the Sport Societies.


Kingsley Udofa - PhD in Law

I am a third year PhD student in the School of Law, researching the regulation of virtual currencies within the UK. My current research, especially as it relates to Bitcoin, is very interesting. A lot of people are often fascinated with how the technology works and I always have fun explaining and sharing my knowledge. In addition to my research, I also teach and facilitate seminars for undergraduate law students. I really enjoy teaching and getting involved with students’ learning. For fun, I love to photograph the amazing and beautiful scenery in and around Sheffield. It is truly a beautiful city to live and learn.


Zainab Farouk Safiyanu Ahmed- Masters in Public Health

I got to know about the University of Sheffield from my undergraduate institution which had collaborated with Sheffield in some projects. Also some of my Professors were Sheffield alumni. This piqued my interest and naturally, when the time came to choose a university for the Chevening Scholarship, Sheffield was at the forefront. My department (the School of Health and Related Research) has an impeccable reputation for quality research and innovation. A major concern before I came here was how I would perform my daily prayers as a Muslim student. I learnt Sheffield has several washing facilities and prayer rooms across campus. Many restaurants serve Halal food, too, which gave me a sense of assurance and peace. It’s not surprising that Sheffield created the ‘We Are International’ campaign. Thiis is reflected by the diversity across campus, with many international students from all over the world.



Laura Yoshimoto Turpin - BA Journalism

My name is Laura and I'm 21. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I've been studying in Sheffield since January 2015.
I’m now a final year journalism student. Before coming to university I did a foundation course at the Sheffield International College which was quite useful and by the end of it I was very familiar with the city. I've been in Sheffield for three years now and I absolutely loved every moment of my degree. The friends I made, the places I've been and the culture I've gotten to know have really broaden my world view. I feel more prepared and ready to face the world after university but I will deeply miss my time in Sheffield"


Kristijana Vidovic - LLB Law

I love Sheffield because it’s a world-class university which offers amazing opportunities. University of Sheffield is very multicultural and people here are very welcoming and friendly. I am in my final year studying LLB Law and I find that the staff in my department are very supportive. They offer useful advice with regards to the career questions. There are also a number of law societies which host variety of different events such as, winter and summer balls, career events, mooting competitions, etc. Moreover, law classes and seminars have improved my thinking, research, and critical skills. In addition to this I participate in pro-bono schemes and this provides me with work experience in a law-related setting. In my free time I like to go to the movies, bake and just grab coffees with friends. I also love to travel so Sheffield’s geographical location makes it very easy and affordable! Overall, coming to study here is the best decision I have made.


Malaika Henriques - LLB Law

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada and I am in my second year of my LLB program in Sheffield after doing a year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I did a year abroad through Queen’s where I came to discover how much I loved living in the United Kingdom. I knew that if I were to ever continue my studies in England I would have to find a city which would fulfil my need to live in a city whilst not feeling overwhelmed. After choosing the University of Sheffield I realized what a perfect fit it was for me not only academically but socially. Despite all the hills (!) Sheffield offers a social life for any type of person and is home to such friendly people. The University of Sheffield offers the support I need especially for a course as demanding as Law and the University of Sheffield is a perfect fit for me.



Luz Adriana Munoz Hoyos - MA International Development

My name is Luz Adriana Munoz, I am an international mature student from Colombia doing a postgraduate degree in International Development. The University of Sheffield is on the 100 top Universities around the world, belonging to the Russell group and is recognised for the quality of it research. One of the things I really like about Sheffield is the personalised attention they provide to every student. Starting with people at my department (Geography) and the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD); you are provided with all useful advice and information to start your journey. Lecturers and administrative staff have been extremely helpful and attentive throughout my whole university experience. One service I have made use of is The Careers Services which helps students enhance their employability and gain work experience. Sheffield is a very nice city, walkable and with a lot of things to do. Also it is also a very affordable city to live in and one of the greenest in the UK!



Daniel Diaz - MSc Advanced Control and Systems Engineering

With an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics, I decided to continue my academic career at The University of Sheffield studying a MSc in Advanced Control & System Engineering, the University has surpassed my expectations with the different industrial opportunities throughout the course and it has given me the opportunity to create my own project team to compete in a worldwide rocketry competition. In addition, Sheffield is ready to accommodate any type of hobbies too, since the very first moment that I arrived I’ve joined two football teams, I belong to the baseball team, and I’m currently preparing to run a half marathon to fundraise money for the Local Children’s Hospital. This experience at this stage of my life has come to fulfil me like no other.


Fatima Moreno - MA Translation Studies

After working for some years, I decided to pursue a postgraduate degree. However, because of my experience working, I knew that developing my knowledge was as important as acquiring specific abilities for work, especially the ones related to technology and software. With this in mind I researched several programs and in Sheffield I found the perfect one.
The master has exceeded my expectations and it has also broadened my horizon professionally. Also, it has introduced me to a global community where every day I learn about different cultures. Moreover, the university support for student entrepreneurship with extracurricular workshops has been key in me taking the decision to start planning my own business.


Maria Jose Lozano Cruz - MSc Energy Engineering with Industrial Management

I am Maria Jose Lozano, I am from Mexico. I came to Sheffield to study MSc Energy Engineering with Industrial Management. I chose The University of Sheffield because I thought that it would be the best place to succeed. The University offered me a course particularly different to any other course; it is a merge between management and engineering. What also made Sheffield stand out of the crowd was that it offers a lot of opportunities in different areas such as sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. I feel the University has given me the chance to get involved in activities such as Green Impact, Code First Girls, International Cafe and Christian Union, activities in which I have been growing professionally and personally. Sheffield has given me many tools to succeed.



Meredith Kinsella - BSc Ecology and Conservation Biology

I’m originally from Washington D.C. but now live in England. Having previously studied in the U.S. and deciding that it was not right for me, finding the right university when I move to England was important. When I came to visit Sheffield, it immediately felt like the right place. Everyone both in the city and the university was very welcoming and friendly. There is so much to do in Sheffield between all of the events happening in the city, and the wealth of opportunities provided by the university, from sports and societies, to all sorts of fairs and events. Sheffield is also one of the greenest places in England which means there’s plenty of opportunities to go out in the great outdoors, especially with the Peak District being right on your doorstep. Sheffield is a great place to meet new people and try new things because of how international it is; there is something for everyone here!

East Asia



Cen Feng - BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics

Choosing to study at the University of Sheffield is the best decision I have ever made! Not only because of its great reputation of academic achievement, but also because there are so many meaningful activities and such great services. Apart from my own major, I attend a coding course based on my interest in the subject. I’ve tried the Latin Dance Society, which was really amazing! Basically, no matter what problems I come across, I can ask the Students’ Union for help and the staff there will definitely provide good suggestions.
I’m currently a first year University student after doing my foundation course at the University of Sheffield International College. Have been in Sheffield for more than one year now, I find it a quite sophisticated and comfortable place to live in. Large areas of green space, nice and welcoming people, as well as a good combination of the City and the University campus make my life here rich with happiness! My experiences here in Sheffield have improved my language skills, confidence and time-management skills. I love my University!


Shixuan Liu - MA Intercultural Communication

I’m from Hebei province in Northern China and I’ve always been interested in different cultures and the ways people communicate. After spending a year as a volunteer in the UK, I told myself, “I’m going to spend more time here, to experience and learn about the fascinating British culture, to make more friends, to create more brilliant memories.” That’s why this course at the University of Sheffield attracted my attention. It’s turned out to be an exciting adventure to study here. Sheffield has the best Students’ Union, with so many choices to meet my own interests; the most encouraging tutors giving me support and confidence to explore; and the most comprehensive programme of modules to look into cultures. In Sheffield, I’m getting the best possible experience of intercultural communication – I’m with people from other cultures while we also learning about and from other cultures.


Wandong Anita Yu - BSc Psychology

I am currently a second-year student and coming to the University of Sheffield was a whole new chapter opening up for me. I’ve had so many amazing experiences here! One of my favourite things is being able to participate in different student societies and try new things every day. I’ve joined societies involving dance, fencing and horse-riding. I’m on a number of committees and I’m a representative of RAG (a student fundraising organisation). There are programmes giving students a chance to try new things like “Give it a Go”, Social Sports and Residence Life. Another great aspect of studying here is the level of support provided by the University. I‘ve found the Careers Service really helpful because I didn’t know what to do in the future before coming here. There are many sessions to help you with every single in making job applications, as well as one-to-one sessions advisers. You can book these as many times as you need. Coming to Sheffield is one of the best decisions I made! There’s something for everyone so I’m sure that you will enjoy your time here too.


Xingyu Cao - PhD in Journalism

This has been my third year in Sheffield, which is also where I studied my Masters degree and have since moved on to PhD study. I’ve been working as an International Student Ambassador (ISA) for a year. In this job, I’ve had the chance to share my brilliant experience of studying and living here with prospective students. I give them an idea of how amazing I find the University of Sheffield. It’s such an international and diverse campus, where I can meet students from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds in a very friendly and inclusive atmosphere. I really hope you enjoy life being an international student here in Sheffield as much as you can!

Yang Yang ISAYang Yang - MA Education

It's been the best choice for me to study at the University of Sheffield. On my course everyone has a tutor guiding us in how to do our assignments and research, which is quite helpful. My tutors are very responsible and I think I have the best experience of studying here. Sheffield also has the best Student Union which serves every student well, organizing loads of meaningful activities. My English improved a lot after making foreign friends and talking with them as much as possible. Sheffield is a world-class university in a unique city. I like that there are plenty of Chinese restaurants, markets and Chinese activities, as well as other tourist attractions such as Chatsworth House and Peak District nearby. I like running in the two fantastic parks near our school, enjoying the birds chirping cheerfully. I'm sure that you will feel at home if you come to Sheffield.

Yang Wu ISAYang Wu - LLM Law

Before coming to Sheffield I  worked in a financial company for three years . At first, I chose the University of Sheffield simply because it is a well-known top university, but my love for the city continues to grow. This is due to the many activities and places to explore. The Students' Union holds a “Give It A Go” program, in which many societies provide opportunities to try out various activities including horse riding and dancing. One activity that I would strongly recommend would be hiking in the Peak District, as it embodies the beautiful British scenery and country life that one may have watched before in a British drama . Additionally, you can get involved in volunteering, though which we can be a part of and serve the local community. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to be homesick since there are so many Chinese food and convenience stores around! Academically my teachers are helpful. They are always there to encourage us to think critically and express our ideas bravely. In a few simple words, I have cherished every moment in Sheffield.


Ke Li - MA Education

 I chose to study at the University of Sheffield to fulfill my dream of studying in a world-class university. After staying in Sheffield for several months, I've found life here is quite exciting! I decided to explore and experience more about British culture. As I enjoy travelling, I took part in the programme named ‘Give it a Go’. Almost every week, it would provide a variety of activities to enrich students life. For example, I have travelled to Newcastle and Cambridge through this excellent programme. Visiting different places and making friends from different backgrounds is fantastic. The Careers Service helps students find jobs and internships. They also have other services which help students to succeed in their job applications.  I am sure you will have a precious and impressive experience studying in Sheffield.

Fengyuan Li Flora ISAFengyuan Li – MA International Political Communication

Before I came to the UK, I worked as a journalist and editor in the Chinese media for over four years. Studying in Sheffield  has provided me with unique experience of coming into contact with British journalists. For example, I've learnt from people from the BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian and Reuters through guest lectures and a department-based London trip, which give me a deeper understanding of the media industry at an international level. I like communicating with people from different backgrounds so I joined some university societies and have tried my best to reach out to local people. To get involved with the local communities, I volunteered at the Sheffield Cathedral for three months and did part-time work with in a local marketing company. I also received lots of advice from the University, both about study and job seeking, from services such as the Careers Service, 301 Workshops and ELTC. Sheffield is a nice and friendly city for me to live and study in.

Hong Kong


Cheuk Ying Chow - LLB Law

I come from Hong Kong and am currently doing my third year in law. Sheffield is a lovely city. People here are very friendly and welcoming. It really feels like home for international students like me. The best thing is the Students' Union, which provides wonderful student experiences and you will be overwhelmed with the support from it. It offers different extracurricular activities (clubs and societies) that I can join and meet new friends. I really like the “Give it a Go” programme because I get to try something new every single time! Global Campus is also a great programme for incoming international students because it offers lots of support for settling into life in the UK. It’s been a great help for me to adapt to living in Sheffield. Global Campus organise weekly events such as the Global Café and Global Conversation club. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn about different cultures. It’s been my fourth year in Sheffield now and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Coming to Sheffield was definitely the best choice I ever made!


Regine Cheung - BMedSci Speech Science

My name is Regine, and I’ve been studying Speech Therapy in Sheffield for 4 years now. I’m originally from Hong Kong where I had lived my entire life and had only come to the UK for university. Before I came here, I had no idea what the UK or even Sheffield was like, having never been here before! But the second I arrived I realised that it would be so easy for me to settle in and fit right into this wonderful city.

My favourite thing about the University of Sheffield is the ease of access to everything, the campus is concentrated around a small area close to the city centre, making it easy to get to places and to meet friends, and bump into people. Since everything is so close to each other, it has given the opportunity for all students to become a really tight knit community – making Sheffield my second home.


Sin Tung (Jamie) Lau - BA Architecture

Born and raised in Hong Kong, the prospect of study overseas was daunting. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to live independently and push myself out of my comfort zone. Choosing to come to Sheffield was the best choice I could have made! I knew it was perfect fit for me because of its extraordinary student experiences and its international community. The University offers over three hundred clubs and societies, which provide me with opportunities to do what I enjoy and try new activities with the “Give it a Go” programme. Everyone here is very friendly and supportive. The many resources I was given helped me to adapt to my new life smoothly. The most enjoyable thing about my course is definitely the unique studio culture, where there are great interactions between tutors and students. I’ve been able to learn from professionals and my course mates during various discussions, pin up reviews or casual conversation. The Architecture Society hosts events weekly lectures delivered by architects, and seasonal balls. I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities provided by the University and the many chances to learn inside and outside of the classroom.



Takashi Terauchi - BA Human Geography

I first came to Sheffield to take a foundation course at the Sheffield International before starting to study geography because I’m interested in global issues. Aside from my main course, there are a massive amount of language courses for everyone. In my first year I took a Dutch language and culture class, and enjoyed it so much! Sheffield offers many opportunities to participate in social activities such as ‘Give it a go’, where you can try new sports or travel to other cities at reasonable costs. I joined the University Athletics Club and ran the Varsity 10k relay race, representing Sheffield at this exciting sports match in 2016. I think my course has an outstanding environment in terms of our academic staff; the variety in module choices and it being a friendly society within our department.

South Korea


Eunpyo Lee - MChem Chemistry with Study in Industry

The University of Sheffield is a fantastic place to study! After deciding to study abroad, I researched and analysed various global education systems and was fascinated by the education system in the UK. For the next step, I carefully researched all possible universities that I could go to upon completion of my foundation programme. I considered five factors: reputation, course modules, atmosphere of a university, support from a university and living cost of a city, and I decided the University of Sheffield was the best one. Now I am fully enjoying studying at the University of Sheffield as I am receiving a well-structured education with amazing professors and friends in internationally friendly environment. The University of Sheffield has offered a lot of support such as scholarships and additional tutoring. If there is someone who is looking to make a great choice of higher education destination I would like to strongly recommend the University of Sheffield.


Gayoung Kim - MEng Structural Engineering and Architecture

The University of Sheffield is the biggest stepping stone in my life. I’ve always wanted to become an engineer and architect, who understands both aspects of engineering and design. It seemed impossible before I first encountered my programme at Sheffield. My course modules are very well-structured and each module is linked to the others. Now I can’t imagine myself studying anywhere else other than Sheffield!
Given that living abroad and studying away from your home country can be quite challenging, it was also very important for me to take the living city and environment into account. After spending six months here, I’m very satisfied with the service and help that I get from the University. Also I’m very grateful that I can meet people from different countries and become part of this wonderful community. Here in Sheffield, I strive to reach my academic potential while being around great people and making great friends.


Kyubin Do - BSc Information Technology Management for Business

I came to Sheffield to study a programme which consists of both humanities and engineering, because it was hard to find that unique kind of course in my home country. Moreover, I wanted to stimulate and broaden my way of thinking by meeting people from various cultural backgrounds in the UK, which is a country considered as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures. So far, I appreciate the excellent teaching quality at Sheffield. There are also great opportunities to take part in many events; to meet vibrant and friendly local people as well as other students. I would say Sheffield is the most student-friendly city in the whole country! Sheffield feels like being at home because I’m welcomed by lovely people and it has such convenient surroundings to live in as a student.


Chun Chen (Jeff) Tsao - MA Digital Media and Society

Studying abroad is a big step for everyone and I’m glad that I chose to study at the University of Sheffield. The reasons why I decided to study in this University are the relatively low living costs, safety, and the University’s reputation in the world. I study both academic and practical modules on my course. I’m a mature student and the University helped me to fit in quickly. Once I chose Sheffield, I received a lot of helpful information which eased my nerves, including living information, details about the Orientation Week, Freshers’ Week, academic advice, and the Careers Service. I think that studying at the University of Sheffield has been one of my best life choices. The people here are friendly, the facilities are of world-class quality, and the nearby Peak District is so amazing! I’m proud to say that I fell in love with Sheffield when I came here!


Wei Ching Ling - LLB Law and Criminology

I enjoy my study here at the University of Sheffield. My course is well-structured and I think it’s brilliant! Sheffield has provided me with excellent study experiences and a great social life. The university provides extra-curricular opportunities, such as language courses, business workshops and skill-building sessions. I am currently engaged in a commercial awareness course, religious tandem partners, and various skills sessions. These extra activities provide me an opportunity to learn different knowledge outside of my course. In terms of entertainment and sport, the University of Sheffield has the UK's top Students' Union, with various societies, volunteering opportunities, and sport clubs on offer. I particularly enjoy the volleyball and boxing sessions.


Zih-ti Yeh - MA Psychology and Education

My program is well-organized and we actually not only study psychology, but also other related knowledge. Teachers here are passionate and love to discuss different points of view in class. Every lecture expands my knowledge. I love warm interactions with people and living in Sheffield always makes me feel that way. I was previously a secondary school teacher and an international volunteer because I love everything to do with people! In Sheffield people are friendly and nice. Local people are very supportive. With over three-thousand international students in this lovely city, you can meet various friends from all over the world and enjoy inspiring moments together. Sheffield also has great teams to support and help students with difficulties. Sheffield often gets positive reviews from students. With many societies here, you’ll never be disappointed at having opportunities to explore new hobbies and meet interesting people! I hope you all can enjoy the unique and joyful Sheffield life as much as I do!

Europe and Central Asia



Ina Emily Swann - BA Journalism

The first thing that struck me when I came to Sheffield was how friendly and helpful people here are. Coming from Norway, a country where small talk isn`t exactly part of the norm, the fact that the cashier at the local supermarket would chat with you and call you ‘love’ seemed a bit strange at first. However, it didn’t take long before I got used to the Yorkshire way of living.
I chose Sheffield because it’s ranked as the best journalism course in the country and it’s the only UK University accredited by all three professional bodies (NCTJ, BJCT and PPA). What appealed to me the most was the wide range of journalism the course offers, such as broadcast, TV, radio and print.



Polina Omelchenko – BA Business Management and Economics

I chose the University of Sheffield for a variety of reasons, but the big advantage that I saw was a degree they offered. Looking through the modules for BA Business Management and Economics degree on the website I noticed how balanced is it between two subjects, and I always believed that you cannot have a successful business without a knowledge of economics. But that was not the only thing, employability after graduating was another important factor for me. The University of Sheffield offers its students endless opportunities in terms of internships, working placements and graduate jobs. During my time here I have taken full advantage of that fact and this helped me to get a year placement in a very respectable consulting company in London. Furthermore, it has allowed me to secure a grad job with them!
I could surely say that the best part of living in the University of Sheffield is the people. You get so many chances to meet kind, communicative and very fun people from all over the world! And Sheffield is a very student-friendly city in itself, it’s very affordable, it has great transport links and great opportunities for a vibrant social life



Idil Sindir - MSc Sustainable Architectural Studies

I came to Sheffield in September 2017 and since then I am trying to learn as much as I can. I enjoy visiting museums and art galleries in the City of Sheffield and in neighbouring cities. I feel lucky to live in Sheffield because there are always new exhibitions and events to attend. Other than being artsy, I really enjoy connecting with nature. I mostly visit Weston Park in my free time. It’s easy to reach and big enough to clear your mind. There are plenty of other parks in and around the City too. Another benefit of Sheffield for me is its location, since it’s in the middle of the country, it’s easy to visit other cities during your studies. I really enjoy visiting new places and taking travel photos to keep as a memory. This keeps my passion alive and makes me feel good and productive. I came here to study hard and am also making sure I take time to get as much as I can from studying abroad.

Middle East and North Africa



Jannat Abdulredha - MEng Architectural Engineering

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield because of the excellent education it provides. From the facilities to the teaching methods, Sheffield will certainly serve as a solid foundation from which I can fulfil my ambitions and build my future career. To me this course is about creating socially and environmentally-responsible designs with a global impact by involving engineering systems in humanitarian work. This passion for both engineering and architecture is what drew me to Sheffield. Its exciting interdisciplinary programme is not only exceptionally impressive, but also offers many possibilities in my field of interest that are not available elsewhere. As a person with many interests, I find enjoyment and satisfaction in constantly learning new things. Through Sheffield’s diverse extracurricular activities and programmes, as well as the global environment that it creates, I’m learning and developing new skills that would not otherwise be possible.


Reem Abouward - BSc Biomedical Science

I came here to study biomedical science since the University of Sheffield is one of the best places to study research in biological sciences. I am really enjoying my course, not only because of the content but also because the environment is very supportive. Sheffield is a very international city with a vibrant community. It is not uncommon to walk down a street and hear conversations in more than one language, so I managed to fit in right away. My favourite nearby place to visit is the Peak District. The scenery is spectacular and it’s very relaxing! I love going there to take a walk or just to take a few pictures to remember what a fantastic part of the UK I’m living in.


Shaza Dous - MA Intercultural Communication and International Development

It was a huge step for me to leave a stable job in Egypt last year and move to England to pursue my Master’s degree. However, the MA in Intercultural Communication and International Development at Sheffield was the only interdisciplinary degree that combined communication and development at that time. Since I arrived at Sheffield, there has never been a dull moment! I’ve met a great group of students coming from all continents, and we share not only knowledge of our cultural backgrounds, but also activities and social events. Now I can say I literally have friends from all over the world! My studies enable me to travel to countries like Tanzania and Sierra Leone. It widens my international insights. This course is giving me unforgettable memories and a year packed with new experiences.



Arman Gharleghi - BEng Chemical Engineering

I came to Sheffield in September 2017 with the aim of adapting to English culture and really fitting into the University. With this, I also brought along my fair share of Iranian culture and traditions to share with everyone else. I am a first year undergraduate chemical engineering student. Being so new to University, I spend my free time socializing, playing video games and getting involved in University activities. I spent the latter half of my life in Dubai so choosing Sheffield was definitely a drastic change to my regular lifestyle. The University of Sheffield has greatly helped me with the transition to study in the UK as an international student. As a result I now spend lots of time in the Students’ Union looking for new activities and events.



Mohammed Shbeh - PhD Materials Science and Engineering

I chose the University of Sheffield as place to study for many reasons, including: Sheffield being in the top ten percent of UK universities; having state-of-the-art teaching facilities like the Diamond; and supporting a diverse student population. Dedicating a huge amount of funding to develop students, Sheffield provides opportunities to present your work nationally and internationally. You may also be able to publish your work in prestigious scientific journals. One of the greatest assets of being a postgraduate research student here for me is having the chance to teach in the Diamond and the possibility to be recognized for your teaching. As a result, I’m now an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Sheffield itself also impacted on my choice of university, because it’s a vibrant place and one of the greenest cities in Britain. The University of Sheffield is a very inspiring place where you can pass on your enthusiasm and steer the direction of the future – do join us!


Jordan-MariaFarkouhMaria Farkouh - BEng Civil Engineering

I had heard about Sheffield and was encouraged to apply by several friends who also attended this university. As soon as I got my offer here, there followed a lot of support from the university and International Recruitment team. This reassured me that Sheffield was the right place for me. I’ve joined the Women in Engineering Society, as well as the Arab Society. Over the last two years, the university has offered me many opportunities to grow as a student and also as an individual. I get to interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. I live in a wonderful tight-knit student community in the heart of the city and only a fifteen-minute walk from anywhere I need to be. As a final year student at Sheffield, I am very content with the decision I made and plan to make the most of the rest of my time here.

You can read more about Maria's time in Sheffield here:



Ghadeer Al Lawati - BEng Computer Systems Engineering

The University of Sheffield was one of my first choices when making my applications as it’s one of the world 100 top universities. I started my course in 2015 and it is now my final year. I chose this major because it belongs to the Department of Automatic Control & System Engineering (ACSE). Rated the best department in Europe for this subject area, it’s also the only department of its kind in the UK. Our Students’ Union has been rated as the best for many years as it has variety of societies, activities and you can always feel at home. Sheffield is the fourth largest UK city and is one of the greenest. It has a wide variety of things to do and places to go. The transportation system is very easy to deal with. I think that Sheffield is a really good option for you to consider for your studies.

South Asia



Amanpreet Kaur Bains - MSc Molecular Medicine

I moved from India to the University of Sheffield to pursue a Master's degree in Molecular Medicine; now Sheffield is like a second home to me! The Medical School, where my department is based, is one of the best in England, this, combined with the multi-culturalism of Sheffield, has meant that I have adapted well to the city and am truly comfortable in my surroundings. Our Student’s Union is fantastic, with almost all the amenities a student would need, ranging from student support regarding pastoral and career advice, to various spaces where you can chill out in between lectures. There is ample opportunity to pursue existing hobbies and try new things at our vast variety of ‘Give it a Go’ and Residence Life sessions. Or if you fancy activities off-campus, Sheffield city plays host to some amazing museums and a wealth of quirky cafes; if you’re a nature enthusiast like me, you could even go for a trek in the peak district or a pleasant stroll in one of the five valleys. So far I have loved my stay in Sheffield, it has been a boundless blend of academic and co-curricular activities, and I have made some friends for life!


Hitisha Doshi - BMedSci Speech Science

Having resided in India for 19 years and then making a decision to leave in order to attend university was rather tough and heartfelt. Known for one of the best student experiences in the UK and its extensive commitment to provide an education like no other, undoubtedly, choosing to come to the University of Sheffield was the best decision I could have made.
I am a first year Speech therapy student and made myself feel at home in Sheffield rather quickly. Here, I have made friendships that would potentially last a lifetime and have opened myself to new opportunities that have enhanced my university experience. Taking advantage of these, I have had the opportunity to learn the British Sign Language and be a part of societies such as the Indian Society and the Human Communication Society. Being in the heart of one of the greenest cities in the UK is great as it helps me get the best of both worlds- the hustle of the city and the relaxing calm of nature. A vibrant and multicultural city, Sheffield holds a reputation for being student friendly and safe, making it a perfect home away from home.


Mithuna Maran - PhD Architecture

Being raised in a close community, I aspired to work in an environment that pushes the current limits of my abilities as an Architect. The University of Sheffield was the golden platform which has presented me with various opportunities to gain knowledge from experts in my field. As a first year PhD student, I already feel home at this wonderful place with all the student friendly amenities and the numerous activities which the University organises to make this place the perfect student destination for all ages and nationalities.


Nikita Verma - MBChB Medicine

Hi, I’m Nikita and I’m a first year medical student. My time in Sheffield so far has left me with no doubt that I made the right choice. Right from the application process, the University has been organised, efficient and supportive. I was awarded the Undergraduate India Merit Scholarship and this proves to me that the University understands what matters to students and does its best to support them. My course structure is well organised with teaching delivered in numerous ways which keeps it interesting. Since the start of term, I have had so many different opportunities to try something new and grow as a person- from Culture Compass on Tuesday afternoons and Karaoke on Thursday nights to free sport and day trips on the weekends. All these activities help maintain a work-life balance. There truly is something for everyone.


Nilosmita Banerjee - BSc Psychology

I came to Sheffield in 2016 to pursue my Undergraduate degree in Psychology. Sheffield was my first choice because it offered me everything I was ever looking for in a University that would make my Undergraduate experience a memorable one. The Department of Psychology offers me a wide range of modules, which covered the extensive breadth of the field, and the department offered modules accredited by the British Psychological Society. Being a Russell Group University, the Department produces cutting-edge research in the field and has excellent research facilities to offer. Alongside the rich academic experience, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a diverse international family. The excellent facilities, great accommodation services, and the student friendly city of Sheffield were all the other plus points that encouraged me to choose the University of Sheffield. The University gives me the exposure, platform, and a strong motivation and desire to believe in myself, to never stop asking questions, and to seek the truth, all important qualities that I believe will help me make a change globally.


Roopika Ravikanna - MSc Robotics

Hey there! This is Roopika Ravikanna. I am a Masters student of Robotics at the University of Sheffield. Also I represent the Sheffield Students Union as the Departmental Councillor of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering. My favourite thing about the University is the diversity of its students and its inclusivity of people from all race, gender and capabilities. The city of Sheffield has the warmest people I have met and the greenest sceneries I have seen.


Samanway Guha - MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

I am pursuing a Masters in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I chose Sheffield as it is a student-friendly city and has something to offer, no matter what your interests are. Not only is my course intellectually stimulating but also flexible which allows me to select modules from various options.
My journey in Sheffield has been an interesting one so far. Besides being involved with UNICEF on Campus and working on UK’s refugee laws, I have had the opportunity to explore the city, attend concerts at the Sheffield City Hall (at heavily discounted student prices!!), and go trekking to Peak District, making friends along the way. Also, being the Community Ambassador at my accommodation enables me to regularly engage and interact with students from all parts of the globe, something I would not have experienced otherwise.
Hence, I would encourage students to come join us here at Sheffield to enhance their transferable skills and build life-long relationships while making the best use of the world-class facilities and resources available.


Sanchari Das - BEng in Materials Science and Engineering

Hi! I am a first year undergraduate student from India studying Materials Science and Engineering in the University of Sheffield. I have lived my whole life in Kolkata, India until I came to Sheffield and that is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.
My time in Sheffield has been amazing. The kind of warmth and hospitality that I have received here has been fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better University to study in. One of the primary reasons why I chose to come here is because of the reviews I read about the quality of my Department. Also, Sheffield offers cultural diversity like no other city. There are so many different kinds of societies in the Students’ Union that it caters to each and every student’s personal hobbies or talents. It’s truly international so the University and the city will help you to grow both academically and culturally. It is definitely one of the best places to study and live in.


Saylee Jangam - BEng Bioengineering with a Year in Industry

My name is Saylee Jangam and I am a final year Bioengineering Student at the University of Sheffield. I joined the University in September 2014 and have been an International Student Ambassador for India ever since! Recently, I concluded a Year in Industry placement at RB, a healthcare company based in the UK. Whilst working with them, I was also extensively involved with the University’s iGEM team as a Student Researcher. I believe Sheffield offers the best of both worlds; a good social life balanced with an excellent education. With over 300 clubs and societies to choose from at the Students’ Union, there’s something for everyone!


Suparna Raju - MSc Human Resource Management

Hey, my name is Suparna Raju and I am from Kolkata, India. I chose the University of Sheffield because Sheffield University Management School is in the top ten percent of business schools worldwide. Also, my course is accredited with CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) which gives my career a professional edge every student aspires to have. What fascinates me the most about my department is the approach towards their subject. Even though some are theory based, they are approached in a pragmatic way. We are judged on the basis of our understanding and not knowledge which I feel contributes significantly to our journey to becoming future HR Professionals. What I love the most about Sheffield is its bustling city centre, lined up with cosy cafes, gig venues, vintage fairs and theatres. Thus, studying in Sheffield will give you a wholesome experience that you will cherish forever.



Aniqa Ahmed – BSc Biomedical Science

Hello, my name is Aniqa, I am as second year biomedical science student at Sheffield University and I am from Karachi, The city of Lights. Coming to Sheffield was the best decision I made. I love my course because of the way my degree is structured; the progression from first to second to third year is step by step and uses preceding years to construct the basis of the following year which is very clear and logical way to learn new information. In addition to this the University provides a great deal of support in terms of accommodation, career advice, and for those navigating the visa and immigration system. With the Peak District and Meadowhall shopping centre nearby, one can easily unwind from academic stress by visiting such local sites of interest and activity.


Noor Azhar - MSc International Management and Marketing

Hello there! I am from Lahore, Pakistan. Accepting an offer of study from a university abroad can be a petrifying decision at first but, like me, I am sure you will be amazed and comforted by the scale of support services that the University of Sheffield offers. The staff at the university and Students’ Union are always ready to go out of the way to make you feel at home. The university takes pride in its Global Campus that fosters diversity and supports you in finding your place in a new city; believe me, you will be in good hands if you decide to be a part of this institution. The fact that The University of Sheffield is one of the top 100 universities of the world is the cherry on top.


Syed Jaffer Gardezi - MA Education

Hey! This is Jaffer from Pakistan. Coming to Sheffield was the best thing that ever happened to me. The city is beautiful and culturally diverse. You get to know a lot of people coming from various backgrounds. You make new friends from all corners of the world and learn from them. The University itself has a lot to offer ranging from societies to sports facilities and from social events to pastoral care. There is definitely something for everyone! The support provided from University helped me in adjust to this new environment and I would recommend the institution to anyone.



Gloria Padmaperuma - PhD Chemical and Biological Engineering

This is not the first time that I have chosen The University of Sheffield to continue my higher education. In 2004, I left home to come and study Chemical and Process Engineering. At first I felt very nervous and was concerned that I would not be able to adapt to the student lifestyle. These worries dissipated the moment I met the residential mentors and previous students, who helped me settle-in. After graduating, I worked as an engineer for a few years to return back in 2012 for an MSc in Biological Engineering and then to undertake my PhD. I have seen the University of Sheffield and the city with the eyes of both an undergraduate and postgraduate. My department has not only supported my research but also allowed me to pursue opportunities outside of my line of work, like BiotechYES! and the Festival of the Mind. It is the great staff and students that make this university what it is; A vibrant campus that always lives up to expectations!

South East Asia


Danial Hakim bin Zainal Abidin - BMedSci Health and Human Sciences

It is only my first year of studying in Sheffield, but I already love everything about this place. All the expectations that I held prior to arrival were met and exceeded. The University lies between some of the most beautiful parks and buildings, and is just within walking distance to pretty much everywhere that I need to go! Sheffield is a friendly and lively city since so many thousands of students live here so I immediately felt accepted and culture shock did not seem to be a big issue for me. The teach staff in the departments here are well-established and passionate in their respective areas of teaching, never failing to offer great support in my studies so far. I could go on but ultimately, the University of Sheffield is special in its own, magnificent way.



Huey Lynn Wong - BA Accounting and Financial Management

My name is Lynn and I am taking an undergraduate degree at Sheffield University Management School. Apart from attending lectures and tutorials on weekdays at university, I do self-study at the libraries which have more resources to aid my independent studies. I have joined my national society and became a treasurer in Malaysian and Singaporean Society (MASSOC), the events organised by the society made me feel a lot like home, especially during festive seasons. On weekends, I sometimes visit the Peak District with my friends who love hiking to take in fresh air and to capture beautiful sceneries with our phones. Also, I was a volunteer at Sheffield Sunday Centre to help giving out food to homeless people in the local community. I like my volunteering experience as I get to give a helping hand and meet other volunteers from different cultural backgrounds.


Mohd Raziq Khirudin – MEng Electrical Engineering

I came to Sheffield to study a MEng in Electrical Engineering. I chose Sheffield in the first place because its engineering department is really strong and well-known. It is among the best in the world and The University of Sheffield is ranked as a Top 100 University in the world. Living in Sheffield for the past three years has been the best period in my life. For an international student like me, Sheffield really feels like home. It offers a wonderful student experience not just in terms of academic studies but also in terms of extracurricular activities. The Students’ Union is number one in the UK and I enjoy spending my time here by joining various types of activities. The environment in Sheffield feels very welcoming and people here are very warm and that’s what makes me love my time here. In addition, we have a huge family of Malaysians in Sheffield. The Malaysian societies are very active with various activities being held throughout the year. You will never get bored and will have the best students’ experience studying here.


Alison Marie Lee – MBChB Medicine

After completing my first degree in BSc Biomedical Science, I knew I wanted to stay in Sheffield for my second degree of Medicine. What I love about Sheffield is that it is so welcoming to new students. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in the community, from volunteering in schools, to becoming leaders in the various sport teams and societies that the Students’ Union offers. I have had the opportunity to be the Captain of the Sheffield Sabrecats Stunt Cheerleading Team, which has not only helped me make lifelong friends, but also to give back to the student community. All in all, I am so happy I chose to study at Sheffield for both of my degrees, and would gladly recommend it to all!


Kye Chiang – BA Accounting and Financial Management

My name is Kye and I am currently in my second year studying Accounting and Financial Management. Part of what fuelled my choice to study in Sheffield was that the Management School was awarded Triple Crown accreditation (by AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB), putting them in the leading 1% of business schools worldwide. Not only does the University of Sheffield (UoS) offer cutting-edge knowledge and courses, but also provides an all-rounded experience for students with the best Students’ Union in the UK, which offers a wide variety of sports and societies as well as social events to participate in.
UoS is an extremely diverse and multi-cultural university that is integrated into the city landscape, providing students with a unique experience. The city offers a plethora of fun activities to participate in, be it in the city itself or venturing out to places like the Peak District.
It has been an enriching experience living and studying in Sheffield, with promising opportunities being presented to us as international students.



Linh My Lai - MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Currently, I am doing the MA Applied Linguistics with TESOL. I decided to study in the University of Sheffield to fulfil my dream of studying in the top university in the UK. I have never regretted my decision. Since the very first day I came to the University of Sheffield, I have received a lot support from the staff members, lecturers and friends. The University of Sheffield provides students with varieties of study facilities such as well-equipped lecture theatres, seminars rooms, libraries with all kinds of book as well as different types of study room. Moreover, the Student Union of the University of Sheffield has been voted the best in the UK for 9 years running. I have also joined many ‘Give It A Go’ tours organized by the Students’ Union which are great chances for me to travel around the UK and exploring this beautiful country. Additionally, Sheffield is also a great city to live as it is student-friendly, peaceful and very green. People here are very friendly and polite.

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