Daniyar Mukitanov

MSc Leadership and Management

Winner of a British Chevening Scholarship


Sheffield University is the third University I’ve attended in my life. Previously I graduated with Bachelors in Political Science from KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan and with a Masters in International Development from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. After university I worked for several years for government agencies in Kazakhstan, until this year I was granted with the prestigious Chevening scholarship to study my second Masters in the UK.

I chose the University of Sheffield firstly because it offered me the unique MSc Leadership and Management program, which is a combination of Human Resources, Psychology and Management studies. It is a wonderful program and the experience is like studying three different programs at once. Although it’s very challenging and intense, it is also extremely interesting and useful for me.

The second reason for choosing Sheffield is the city. It is an extraordinary city immersed in greenery. It reminds me of my home, Almaty. The same shady alleys with age-old trees and beautiful parks scattered throughout the city. In such a wonderful environment, studying is easy and not stressful at all.

Thirdly, the University of Sheffield is famous for its Students’ Union, which is the best in the UK. It provides students with numerous cultural, educational, entertaining societies, including Kazakh Society, where I am one of the Committee members. Finally the University holds a highly respectable position in all world rankings, wide connections of the University with employers and enriching and developing research environment.

I enjoy  the diversity of the University. In lectures and tutorials you can meet people from all around the world and hear their opinions on different subjects. Also, the library and online services it provides are outstanding. The teaching and study methods are also great here. You can get the theoretical knowledge in lectures, followed by more practical understanding of concepts in tutorials. Finally, rich collection of books, articles and journals provided by library helps to understand the remaining and enhance your knowledge by self-study. You can find any article or book in the library STAR PLUS system, and most of them are accessible online.

When I graduate I hope to continue working for government in Kazakhstan and become Minister or Parliament member one day. If you’re thinking about the University of Sheffield I would say don’t hesitate in choosing this university - you can find everything in Sheffield!