Mio Kobayashi

MA English Literature

Winner of a Postgraduate Merit Scholarship


Why Sheffield?

I took part in a one-year exchange programme when I was an undergraduate and had so many happy memories of Sheffield so I wanted to come back for a masters degree. The University is very international which makes me feel at home and welcome - the Students’ Union is amazing! The whole city is very friendly to students, with lots of student discounts.

How did you find out about the scholarships on offer?

I spoke to a representative from the university who visited Tokyo, and she told me all about the scholarships. It is very helpful, because you can ask questions and talk about your financial worries face-to-face with a person who is very knowledgeable about the university and offers support. The application process was made much easier with help from the university.

How did your scholarship impact your Sheffield experience?

Without the scholarship, I would simply not be here! I am truly thankful for being given this wonderful opportunity to study here which might have been impossible without support. If you are willing to study, no matter what kind of background you are from, the University of Sheffield is very generous and supportive to everyone.

What would you say to others who are unsure whether to study at Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield not only offers you up-to-date facilities including libraries, study space, Students’ Union, etc., but also gives you ample support throughout your academic year, such as counselling, tutoring, and mentoring. The university has generous scholarships offered specifically for international students. Sheffield is friendly and safe, with very comfortable student accommodation, where you can make friends with students from all over the world. The university is international, which enables you to experience and understand different cultures. The city centre provides you with various shops and cafes, while a thirty-minute bus ride will take you to beautiful Peak District.