Vamesh Jajoo

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Winner of an Undergraduate Merit Scholarship


Why Sheffield?

I chose the University of Sheffield because it is one of the best places to study Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, it also has an award-winning students' union. This ensured that I won't be compromised academically while also being able to get actively involved in student life giving me a well-rounded university experience.

How did you find out about the scholarships on offer?

I found out about the scholarships through the university website. The university website is a bank of valuable information for prospective students and I recommend everyone to go through it thoroughly.

How did your scholarship impact your Sheffield experience?

For me, the scholarship made the Sheffield experience possible. Getting through university can be a huge financial responsibility and winning the scholarship made it viable for me to come here. It is also a huge honour which gives you the motivation to keep going.

What would you say to others unsure of whether to study at Sheffield?

It is a great place to study and it will open many doors for you. You have just got to grab them with both hands. I certainly feel it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken.