I have been having the best time

Student Andrea standing in the Diamond
Andrea Lopez
MSc Psychological Research Methods
Winner of a Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
“I have been having the best time and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and how much this scholarship has helped me and my family.”

How did you first hear about your scholarship?

I first heard about the scholarship when I received an email from the University stating that there were multiple scholarships that I may be eligible for. When I found this particular scholarship, all I thought about was how helpful and liberating it would be.

What made you choose to study at Sheffield and your course?

I live in Miami, and I’d heard about an international recruiter from the University of Sheffield visiting. I had been looking to study abroad for my postgraduate degree but was a little hesitant. After meeting with the rep, I was completely intrigued by the thought of coming to the UK to study. I researched the different courses at the school and found the perfect course for me. I was lucky enough to come to the UK as my graduation gift and got to visit the University of Sheffield. I was able to meet with the director of the programme and got all my questions answered. It was meant to be.

What are the highlights of your experience in Sheffield so far?

I have walked miles and miles just admiring all the natural beauty in Sheffield, there is no place like it. Even when I am feeling home sick, there is a Cuban restaurant that I can go to and listen to music from my culture. Who would have thought that there would be a Cuban restaurant in Sheffield?! I know my time here is going to be remembered forever and again, I thank this scholarship for giving me the opportunity to study here.

What would you say to a student considering studying at the University of Sheffield?

Do it! This place is amazing and you won’t regret it. I had never travelled alone and I travelled for the first time from Miami to Sheffield all by myself and left my whole life back home but it has been the best choice I've made in my life. I have learned to be more independent in every aspect of my life, this experience has taught me to get up and get what I want. Getting out of my comfort zone and doing something like this has encouraged me to keep living life to its fullest. My studies are going very well so far and I am so excited for everything that's to come. 

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