The experience you have at Sheffield will be a journey through which you become an expert in your field

Student Jaykishan standing in the Diamond
Jaykishan Patel
Architectural Engineering with a Year in Industry MEng
Winner of an Engineering Excellence Scholarship
“The experience you have at Sheffield will be a journey through which you become an expert in your field of choice rather than an endless journey full of struggles, and so this experience is a fun and interesting one.”

Why did you choose your course?           

I view Architectural Engineering as a course that provides the perfect balance between Architecture and Civil Engineering, as well as giving an insight into other fields of Engineering. As such, you are provided with the opportunity to pursue a variety of different career pathways as you’ve gained an understanding of a number of different fields.

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?          

There are quite a few aspects of my course I enjoy. The architecture module is one I really enjoy as it contains interesting content about the different ways buildings can be made, as well as touching upon how structures can work with nature rather than against it. I also love attending the laboratory sessions, especially the workshop and machine shop sessions in which we are currently making a gyro car. It enables us to get hands on experience of how to use complex machinery as well as a better and clearer idea of how theory can be applied in the real world.

What do you think about Sheffield as a city?      

Sheffield is an amazing city which suits the interests of a variety of individuals by providing the best of both worlds, from its buzzing city centre with an endless choice of activities to the peace and quiet of the Peak District which one can enjoy for hours on end.

What are your ambitions after completing your degree?           

I aspire to be a part of one of the many prestigious construction firms in the UK, using my skills to help solve issues relating to sustainability and a cleaner environment, as this is where my passion lies.

What would you say to a younger student if they are considering studying engineering/science/maths at university?

All three subjects provide a wide range of career options, so much so that there will be at least one that is of interest to you but the most important bit is knowing where your interests lie and picking the course that meets your needs.

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