If you are looking for a top university in a lovely environment, Sheffield is for you

Student Tekle standing in the Diamond
Tekle Bereket Asfaha
MSc Structural Engineering
Winner of a British Chevening Scholarship
“The University of Sheffield is amazing. If you are looking for a top university in a lovely environment, well this is for you.”

How did you feel when you heard that you were successful in being awarded the scholarship?

It was one of the happiest days of my life. It was an opportunity long-awaited. My dream specialisation and my dream scholarship, all in my chosen university. I thanked God.

What made you choose to study at Sheffield and your course?

There were many reasons. Sheffield being a world top 100 university and having a strong Civil and Structural Engineering Department in specific was important to me, because I am so passionate about structures. Being one of the most international universities was also very appealing. I had learned from the University website that almost all the modules on my course were research based, encompassing numerous lab sessions, and that was a key factor for my decision. I wanted to diversify my experience both inside and outside of the classroom and so the high percentage of international students at Sheffield was also very appealing.

How did you research the University to find out about studying in Sheffield?

Almost all the information I had on Sheffield was from the internet. I spent quite some time comparing the rankings from different websites and once I settled on it, I read about the University, the course and the city thoroughly.

What was your initial impression of Sheffield and the University when you first arrived?

I am still amazed by how green the city is. The countless parks make the city and the university a very lovely place. Also, the diversity and culture is such a wonderful mix and the Students’ Union, is fantastic.

What are the highlights of your experience in Sheffield so far?

I am really greatly for the materials and personal support I’ve received from the department. Although the course is intensive, there is limitless help: from 24-7 libraries to labs to personal tutors.

Sheffield as a city is lovely, and the location of the University means everything is easily accessible and within walking distance. Most of all, I love the fact that it’s a peaceful city.

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