Sheffield has offered a whole new experience

Student Wanlin standing in the Diamond
Wanlin He
MA International Relations
Winner of a Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
"I was so excited to accept my scholarship and to study at the University. It's offered a whole new experience."

What made you choose to study at Sheffield and your course?

The University of Sheffield is a world-class university with an amazing reputation. The subject of Politics and International Relations is one of the top subjects at the University of Sheffield and around the world, I knew that studying at Sheffield would provide me with a wealth of knowledge and skills.

How did you research the University to find out about studying in Sheffield?

Almost all of my friends recommended the University of Sheffield to me once they knew I was applying for a Master’s programme in Politics. Taking into consideration the advice of friends and teachers, as well as the information I gathered from the internet and the University’s website, I was able to get a good understanding of the University of Sheffield.

What was your initial impression of Sheffield and the University when you first arrived?

All the staff were friendly and helpful. I was able to get lots of assistance and all the advice that I needed.

What would you say to a student considering studying at the University of Sheffield?

Try it, explore everything and enjoy the experience, you will reap all the great rewards!

Upcoming events for offer holders and enquirers

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