Our university is international for real, it’s for everyone

Student Xiaoxu standing in the Diamond
Xiaoxu Chen
MSc(Eng) Process Safety and Loss Prevention
Winner of an NCUK Postgraduate Taught Scholarship
“Don’t hesitate to study at Sheffield. You will be welcomed and you won’t regret it, I promise, work hard, have fun, be a dreamer and make your dream true here. Our university is international for real, it’s for everyone.”

What made you choose to study at Sheffield and your course?

I was an NCUK pathway student and my undergraduate major was Safety Engineering. When I was applying for my postgraduate course, I went to the NCUK website where I found that I’d covered some of the core and optional modules of MSc(Eng) Process Safety and Loss Prevention offered at Sheffield. Sheffield was the only university that had Process Safety postgraduate courses with experienced lecturers. What’s more, Sheffield awarded me a scholarship worth 50% of my tuition fee. Thus, the high relevance of my undergraduate subject, high quality teaching and scholarship made me choose Sheffield.

How did you research the University to find out about studying in Sheffield?

NCUK provided presentations and ways to give us access to information about studying abroad. More importantly, the University website gave me lots of helpful and useful information and support about studying and staying in Sheffield. By simply visiting the website, I was impressed with the life in Sheffield. Besides, with my application number, I could log into MUSE and find specific information about my future course, which helped a lot.

What was your initial impression of Sheffield and the University when you first arrived?

I was absolutely impressed with the magnificent landscape of mountains and greenery. Sheffield was quiet and the people were lovely. My initial impression of Sheffield was beyond description. In short, I was going to love Sheffield and enjoy my time here. International was my first impression of the University, not because of the slogan ‘We Are International’ printed on my welcome pack, but because the University acted as it promised. I had lived in the orientation accommodation for the first week and I had been involved in various welcome activities hosted by the University. I become accustomed to the way of life here very quickly with the help of the student ambassadors. 

What are the highlights of your experience in Sheffield so far?

I’d like to say everyday here has been a highlight. The first talk with a stranger, tours in the Diamond, my first shopping trip to Meadow hall and IKEA, cooking with my lovely flatmates, all the fascinating and helpful lectures I’ve attended and my adventure to the Peak District. These are all my highlights. Every moment counts. Every day, I feel more confident to smile, to communicate and to study than the day before. I’ve changed a lot, obviously in a better way.

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