I really like how the modules are designed to be applied to solve real world problems.

Image of ambassador, Boon
Boon Teo, Malaysia
Undergraduate Student
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Boon is studying MEng Electronics and Computer Engineering

The University of Sheffield is the perfect place for people that are eager to equip themselves with new
skills and knowledge. Come with your goals and you will achieve them here if you are willing to put in
the effort. Lastly, you will have a great time here as there are many societies for you to join and
activities throughout the year for everyone.

I really like how the modules are design for us to not only grasp the principles but also learn how they are applied to solve real world problems by showing us how they are used in existing technologies. Besides, we also have the opportunity to reverse engineer devices that are no longer used and see all the components inside which is a great way to learn in my opinion. 

I am always passionate in design and innovation and would love to have a career in developing new technologies. I believe the skillset and knowledge acquired from this degree will be valuable and provides a pathway for me to contribute to the society and achieve my goals. 

I enjoyed learning the working principles behind some devices and understand why they are designed that way through taking things apart and seeing all the components inside. This is done in one of my modules where we reverse engineer consumer products.

The main highlight from my time as an engineering student here is being involved in Sheffield Formula Racing. Working with engineers who are more experienced gives me an opportunity to learn as much as possible while exploring my interests. I believe this is truly a special experience and it is something I look forward to every week. 

This course has prepared me in many ways for my future career, as well as achieving my goals. Besides the technical aspects of the course, I am also able to gain valuable skills such as analytical skills, problem solving, lateral thinking, professionalism and many more and they are all essential qualities of a successful engineer.

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