There could never be a more complete University to study at than Sheffield.

Image of ambassador, Chucky
Muhammad Ariffin Bin Adnan (Chucky), Malaysia
Undergraduate Student
Aerospace Engineering
Chucky is studying BEng Aerospace Engineering.

I knew I wanted to do Aerospace Engineering since high school. Growing up around a father who’s actively involved in the industry influenced my passion heavily. By the time Malaysia was hit with back to back devastating news, MH370 and MH17, I vision myself that one day I would be able to make a change in our Aerospace industry. 

It’s really pleasing to link my everyday studies of the course with the world around me! After starting the course, I never felt air travelling the same way ever again (subconsciously admiring the beauty of the aircraft technology and calculating the maths around it). 

A highlight for me has been seeing myself gaining deeper understanding in aerospace and scoring every exam period. The Faculty prepared myself not just for the exams but also to apply my knowledge to the world around me. It’s really nice to know that at ANY POINT when we need academic support, the Faculty is always there for us and we could easily get in contact with them. 

The course’s structure is carefully planned to meet with the current trends in the industry. I would say what makes the University of Sheffield stand out the most is our Global Engineering Challenge and Engineering Your Hired! These initiatives allow students not just to excel in academia but also to prepare them for a career ahead.  

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