"Sheffield offers a complete experience: a city that offers young people a lot of options to have fun but also to be employed."

2 students stand outside the diamond
Jose Ramirez
Postgraduate student
MSc Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.
Jose is a 2017 graduate from MSc Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.

I came to Sheffield because I was interested in having a double package: an studying overseas experience and a master’s degree.

First of all, by studying abroad, you really get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds and by having a real face-to face experience this totally enriches you as a person and makes you being more open-minded and tolerant.

On the other hand, in the competitive and hard world we are facing nowadays, we really need to have an academic “extra”. This is the reason, why I applied for a masters. This would give me the chance to be employed by a Mexican or any other international enterprise.

A group of students standing inside the Diamond

Now, why I chose Sheffield? To be honest, before I started doing the research about universities and postgraduate programs, I didn’t know anything about Sheffield. However, after some minutes reading about it, I really fell in love with the University. It offers a complete experience: the academic part as well as the University life, and all of this in the Steel City, a city that offers young people a lot of options to have fun but also to be employed.

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