One thing I like about Sheffield is how international it is

Ioana Bodean
Ioana Bodean
Undergraduate Student
BA Japanese Studies
Ioana is currently in her fourth year studying BA Japanese Studies

The University of Sheffield was one of the few names that stuck with me even before I began my research for universities. It was during high school when I first heard of it. A former student from my high school who at that time was majoring in Politics at Uni of Sheffield came to speak to us. I remember them talking us through the UK education system, sharing their experiences with coursework, societies and being an international student in the UK. We were encouraged to study abroad as well. My form teacher had also done her master’s degree in Sheffield so when the time came for me to search for universities, the name was already well familiar. 

During these 4 years there are many events that truly made my degree unforgettable, but if I were to mention one thing, then I remember clearly a module from my first year called State of Sheffield. Back then students across all departments worked in teams to create something that would help the local community. My team focused on foodbanks and dealing with the stigma surrounding poverty and homelessness. We decided to spread awareness about how anybody could find themselves in this position. In doing so we created a poster and replaced people’s faces with a mirror. The idea was welcomed by Sheffield’s foodbanks and they even shared the idea with other organisations from across the UK. The course made me realise the importance of giving back to the community and how the knowledge I gain from my course can be used outside university.

One thing I like about Sheffield is how international it is. I have course mates from Russia and the Philippines, flatmates from France and Nigeria, lecturers from Japan, Italy and the US. It’s easy to feel homesick, but here I feel understood and we are always encouraged to celebrate our cultures. There are also a lot of Societies like the Romanian speaking society where I can meet fellow Romanians or people interested in our language and culture. 

I would recommend them to come to Sheffield not just for the courses, but for all the opportunities the university offers outside the academic field. Unlike high school, at university students have less contact-hours which leaves them with quite some time to explore and shape themselves. You can join societies, do volunteering, learn any language for free, book for free cameras and creative media equipment or even start your very own business. There are so many things available for University of Sheffield students! 

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