I've been able to get real life experience that will benefit my CV

Image of ambassador, Diana
Diana Alakhmad, UAE/Russia/Syria
Undergraduate Student
Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Diana is a second year student studying BSc Medical Genetics

I heard about the University of Sheffield through a university fair that was organised by my school in Dubai. Student ambassadors and representatives were present and told me about the courses and life at the University of Sheffield, it caught my attention and so I carried out some further research.

What I personally like best about the city, as someone who has always lived in capitals and busy cities, was the quietness of Sheffield. It’s a very peaceful and green city and for someone studying, this was a positive as it provides a nice and calm atmosphere during busy study times. The peacefulness creates the perfect environment for me to focus on my degree. I also like the student diversity because I get the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

I am a member of the Wilderness Medicine Society. It mainly includes members from the Medical School. We perform medical scenarios in the wild and go for long walks every now and then. I decided to join the society because I like going for a walk in the wild and learning new skills. Joining this society improved my first aid skills and encouraged me to explore the wild side of Sheffield.

What I’ve really enjoyed so far about my course is having the opportunity to work at the University labs over the summer, this has opened so many new doors for me and I got accepted to do extra research within and outside the University. Getting this real life experience has been great and allowed me to shape a perfect CV.

For anyone thinking about coming to the University of Sheffield, I would definitely encourage them to consider studying here. Not only is it one of the top 100 universities in the world and part of the Russell Group, which would boost their employability but the opportunities to expand their non-academic skills outside university is also numerous. I have used the online career service to write my CV and cover letters for applications, the online resources are great as an initial guidance. I have then booked sessions with the Career Service to further correct and improve my CV and cover letters.  I have also taken maths 1:1 sessions to get help with some mathematical equations needed for my course, the sessions really helped me to understand them.

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