The University of Sheffield Strategic Staff Mobility (SSM)

Int Strategy


The Strategic Staff Mobility Programme (SSM) provides opportunities for academic and Professional Services staff to undertake short working visits at one of the University’s partner institutions listed below.

The SSM is intended to contribute to the University’s Internationalisation Strategy by engaging with a select number of partner institutions to develop joint research, education and professional service development activities. Visits may build on existing joint initiatives by broadening the range of activity or may be an opportunity to develop relationships and networks for the first time.

Eligible visits will be supported with a maximum of £2,000 per visit. Awarded SSM funds may also be used in conjunction with other funding if available (e.g. departmental, Faculty or external) and details of any additional funding contributions should be included in the application.

While preference will be given to staff going abroad, we will consider applications from Sheffield staff who wish to invite colleagues from the partner institution to spend time at Sheffield and pay for their visit.

Visits must have been carried out and all expenses claimed for by 31 July 2019.

Eligible institutions:

Primary target partners

Other target partners

1. Tsinghua University, China 1. Jilin University, China
2. Nanjing University, China 2. Shandong University, China
3. Tongji, China 3. Renmin University, China
4. University of Texas at Austin, USA 4. Zhejiang University, China
5. University of Alberta, Canada 5. Waseda University, Japan
6. Manipal, India 6. University at Buffalo, USA
7. University of Tokyo, Japan 7. Ashoka University, India
8. University of Western Australia, Australia 8. UFMG, Brazil
9. Amsterdam University, The Netherlands 9. Leiden University, The Netherlands
10. Tec de Monterrey, Mexico 10. UTM, Malaysia
11. KU Leuven, Belgium

12. Beijing Language and Culture University

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities may include:

  • Travel grants to support two-way, short-term partnership visits for scoping out ideas and projects leading to collaborative outputs
  • Development and organisation of joint (or multi partner, interdisciplinary) guest lectures, research seminars, workshops, sandpits or conferences
  • Development of collaborative research bids or publications
  • Joint curriculum development projects (co-creation of course content, internationalisation of curriculum etc.)
  • Development of joint teaching collaborations (joint/dual degrees, blended/distance delivery etc.)
  • Innovations in providing greater mobility opportunities for all students and staff
  • Development of student placement opportunities (industry/research)
  • Projects supporting the enhancement of global student experience and employability skills (internationalisation at home, cross-cultural/employability skills training etc)
  • Projects supporting the enhancement of international student attainment/ progression

Assessment Criteria

Successful applications will be expected to lead to concrete outputs. The key assessment criteria for applications include:

  • A clearly articulated and detailed activity plan with a timeline and proposed concrete outputs
  • Clear articulation of the sustainability of the proposed relationship or activity
  • Strategic fit with Department/ Faculty/ University Internationalisation Strategy
  • Plans for creating impact that enhances our institutional reputation
  • Plans for creating impact that enhances the international outlook and competencies of our students and staff
  • Value for money
  • Academic rigour
  • Commitment to leveraging critical mass at School, Faculty or Institutional level

Application process

Interested members of staff are required to complete the short application form (see right-hand menu), signed by the applicant and the Head of Department/applicant’s line manager and submit it no later than 22 March 2019.

At application stage, the visit period should have been discussed with the host university and the applicant’s stay should have been agreed in principle. Following the visit, staff will be requested to complete a short report form.

Applicants who have not yet established links at any of the eligible institutions but who would like to do so, should get in touch with Danielle Bertrand, who may provide contact details.

Successful members of staff will be notified by 5 April 2019.