Book on Autism by International Faculty staff member among the top 12 in the US


Dr Efrosini Kalyva’s book on ‘Autism: Educational and Therapeutic Approaches’ has been selected among the top 12 autism-related books in the US by the academic journal ‘The Alert Collector’ in the related article ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Guide to the Latest Resources’. Dr Kalyva is Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Psychology Department of the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki.


The author, Michele Frasier-Robinson, Librarian for Education and Psychology and Assistant Professor at the University Libraries/University if Southern Mississippi, lists the selected reference sources and books after consulting book review sources as CHOICE: Reviews for Academic Libraries. About Dr Kalyva’s book she comments: “Among the interventions discussed are cognitive-behavioural approaches, sensorimotor approaches, and biochemical approaches. Stating that this is not simply blueprint of therapies, Kalyva encourages parents, educators, and practitioners to think critically about the effectiveness of chosen treatments and adjust them to the needs of the individual. Each chapter includes a series of questions for discussion”.