Centre for Luxembourg Studies Offers Lecture and Taster Class in London

Dr Kristine Horner and Sarah Muller gave a well-received lecture on the sociolinguistics of Luxembourg, followed by a Luxembourgish language taster class, at Europe House in London on 16 December. The lecture set the national language in social and historical context, focusing on the way in which the status of Luxembourgish has shifted over the past two centuries. The subsequent taster class allowed participants to engage in language learning activities against the backdrop of the geography of Luxembourg, which is remarkably diverse in spite of the small size of the country.


Among the some 50 participants at this public event were Mr Jean Claude Kugener (Deputy Head of Mission, Luxembourg Embassy in the UK) and Mr Stephen Turkington (Language Officer, European Commission Representation in the UK). The reception was generously sponsored by the Luxembourg Embassy in London.