Malaysia partnership addresses science and innovation challenges

Kuala Lumpur skylineThe University of Sheffield today (17 May 2016) reconfirmed its partnership with the Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) at an event in London hosted by the Malaysian Prime Minister.

MiGHT is an independent and non-profit organisation that provides a network of international linkages for members to harness opportunities in Malaysia.

As part of the MiGHT partnership, the University's focus will be on the Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council (GSIAC) which plays a crucial role in shaping science and innovation in Malaysia through its work with government, industry, academia and the public. The Council is chaired by the Malaysian Prime Minister and has a remit that includes high-value jobs, innovation, sustainable growth and green futures.

Speaking ahead of the event, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West said:

"I am pleased the University and the Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology will be continuing to work together to address key challenges in science and innovation, working with the government, businesses and academia to ultimately help make a real difference to communities in need.

"The University already has a proud tradition of working with Malaysia, and we are thrilled that the renewal of this important partnership will enable this close working to continue."

MiGHT also opens up opportunities for the University to develop research links with Malaysian institutions, work with businesses in the region, help develop the skills of researchers and translate research into real-life benefits.

This event follows a successful visit to Kuala Lumpur in April by the University of Sheffield's Vice Chancellor, Sir Keith Burnett. During the trip, he was accompanied by the University's International Student Officer Peggy Lim, who is also from Malaysia, where they met Malaysian alumni, scientists, industrialists and leaders.