Omani update

The Ministry of Education in Oman have just announced their new PGT scholarship scheme and are funding only 1 or 2 PGT places for most subject areas.

This is a substantial drop compared to the previous scheme, which ended in 2015 and offered 1000 scholarships over 5 years. The announcement of the UG scholarships will be coming out soon - there should be 1643, however, our agents in country fear that this may be significantly reduced too. Our intake last year was 12 UG and 16 PGT so we could very well see a drop at both levels.

There will still be employer-sponsored students but there will undoubtedly be a drop in Omani numbers this year. There is also a rumour about the Ministry of Health cutting all scholarships though this remains unconfirmed. For queries relating to Oman, please contact